I know you love your beauty products, but that is not all that works to diminish those wrinkles and fine lines. There are other amazing ways that you probably wouldn’t think of on your own that can reduce wrinkles. I know the obvious is practicing good skin care, which some women don’t maintain either. These are things to implement in addition to your skin care products.

Good Skin Care Practice

UV rays from the sun have a lot to do with aging skin. The same is true of smoking as well. It is best, though, to avoid the sun and tanning as much as possible. Always wear sunscreen lotion when going out in the sun. Try to use as much moisturizing lotion as possible during the day and at night – even beneath your makeup.


Change Sleep Positions

When you sleep in one position every night, you may get wrinkles or what is known as ‘sleep lines.’ These are engraved into your top skin layer and even after you awake, they don’t usually fade. Wrinkles appear on the chin and cheeks when you sleep on your sides. When you sleep on your face, you get a creased brow. It is better to sleep on your back to reduce those wrinkles.

Use Tea Bag

You can place a tea bag on your face to reduce wrinkles or puffiness under the eye. You can also drink the tea bag to get similar results. The tea bag contains high amounts of antioxidant, which prevents collagen breakdown.

Eat More Sardines

Even if you don’t like sardines, hearing that it contains tons of Omega3 should encourage you to sink your teeth in. Sardine is a type of cold water fish that is sourced with fatty acids to increasingly nourish your skin. With this kind of nourishment, your skin will be less dry and subsequently less wrinkled.

Drink Cocoa Instead of Coffee

Instead of drinking coffee, it is best to drink a cup of cocoa. It contains a lot of antioxidants, protecting the skin from damage. It will improve the flow of blood to the skin cells. It also helps with hydration.


Exercise is excellent for your overall health. The cardiovascular impact is ideal for providing oxygen and nutrients to the skin. So make sure that you include exercise in your daily regimen.

Eat More Salmon

Like sardines, salmon is filled with Omega3 fatty acids. It is also an excellent protein source to nourish your skin, keeping it youthful and minimizing wrinkles.

Stop Knitting Your Brows

Wrinkles are sometimes caused by constantly knitted brows. If you are engaging too many of your facial muscles in worrisome expressions, it will eventually form a groove under the surface of your skin and lead to noticeable wrinkles. It is best to wear glasses when reading so that you don’t have to knit your brows. You should also invest in good sunglasses to avoid squinting in the sun.

Stop Washing Your Face So Much

Don’t wash your face more than twice per day; in the morning and at night. Too much washing with tap water will strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture. When cleansing your face, use soap with moisturizer or a good facial cleanser.

Indulge Your Vitamin C

For production of collagen, Vitamin C is the trick. You should have it in your diet and use beauty products with Vitamin C as one of the ingredients. It will help to ward off wrinkles.


Do you have any ways to reduce wrinkles that is not mentioned here? We would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.