Are you the kind of gal that packs a myriad of stuff just for a weekend or holiday vacation? Your partner shakes his head when he sees that you have two big suitcases to put in the car. You smile as you tell him that he will never understand. It’s a woman’s way to travel, right? Understood! We not only want to pack more than one outfit to wear in a day, but every single item that we use on a daily basis as well. However, to minimize your travel items, we have come up with 10 must-have beauty products on your next holiday weekend trip. These will not take up a lot of space in your travel bag. With them, you will still have space for your fabulous clothes and shoes.


Your foundation is something that you should not have to leave behind, but choose a creamy foundation to bring with you. Why? Well, you don’t have to take any makeup brushes because you can apply the foundation using your fingers.

Eye Shadow

Your eye shadow is helpful for that weekend date night while on travel or that hotel dinner. Bring a palette of different shades, but primarily neutral and dark colors.


If you don’t have enough space for one of those large bottles of facial serum, take a moisturizing facial cream instead. You will still be able to maintain healthy facial skin. With a tinted moisturizing cream, your skin will be able to breathe better than putting on too much foundation.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are a necessity when traveling. You don’t know how much you will need. Of course, these don’t have to be large items. Look for the travel size shampoo and conditioner. You can always pick up refills at a nearby store if you run out.


An evident beauty essential to put in your makeup bag is your mascara. For those luscious lashes, you should never leave these behind.


Of course, if you were to pack all of your favorite lipstick colors, your bag would probably weight too much. So choose the colors that you use the most. Give yourself about six to eight options.

Nail Polish

Don’t risk traveling with bottled nail polish because it could break in your bag and cause a mess. Why not look for the plastic bottled nail polish. They come in various colors and shades.


Be sure that you pack a cleanser and not just any cleanser, but one that exfoliates and deep cleans the skin. You don’t want to use the hotel soap on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Bring cleanser cloth or wipes along with you as well.

Eye Cream

Eye cream is essential for everyday use including when you are going on a holiday weekend. Jet lag and lack of sleep may cause dark under eye circles. Your eye cream comes in handy then.

Sunscreen Lotion

Don’t leave home without your sunscreen lotion. Opt for a sunscreen that absorbs quickly upon application. Make sure that your moisturizer has excellent SPF ingredients.


Revamp your beauty bag to include these essential beauty products. If you want to leave your foundation and moisturizer behind, bring a BB cream instead. It does the job of the two. Do you have any additional beauty products that you would add to this list? Let us hear it by leaving your comments below.