There are so many mistakes women over forty years old make when it comes to maintaining a fresh and youthful look. Here are some that we want to point out. These should help you to create a new ‘you’ and look fantastic even if you are getting up in age.

First Mistake: when you have hair that is cut in one length

I think when hair has layers; it is more magical and younger looking. It creates movement. You can have long layers to get more bounce to your hair or you can try for a blunter cut to emphasize and soften the lines in your face. You could also consider wearing bangs to the side. This will make your face appear rounder and show stronger cheekbones.

201303-orig-hair-mistake-2-284x426Second Mistake: when you stock up on tons of hair products

This is the worst thing for your hair since some products might work for your hair texture and some won’t.  Using mousse, hairsprays and gels will probably give your hair a lift for a couple of hours, but they can also stiffen the hair and sap the shine. This is an aging amalgamation that you want to avoid. Mouse that is lightweight will provide all that you need in sheen and hold pattern.

Third Mistake: when you are a blonde

When you age, the color in your skin fades and so if you have hair that is over bleached, it compounds the problem. Rather than go completely blonde, try to use a color that has a darker base, but with golden streaks. This is what we call highlights.

Fourth Mistake: when you have dry and stringy ends

As you age, the pigment in your hair is lost, but your hair will not be able to preserve moisture as it did when you were younger. You will need to put out a little more effort to having a shiny and smooth look, which are the trademarks of youth. So at least once a week, you should have a deep conditioning treatment done. Don’t shampoo your hair every day. Instead, do this every other day and be sure to get periodic hair trims to prevent split ends.

Fifth Mistake: when you have very straight hair

As you get older, hair products can take a toll on your hair, especially if you have straight hair. This makes your face appear longer and more drawn. If you have curly hair and use a lot of curling irons, your hair will be begin to look dull and dry. For straight hair, go for longer layers and use a lightweight mousse on your dampened hair prior to blow drying it with a round brush to produce softer curls at the ends of the hair.


Now that you know about the things that you should avoid, why not create a different look? Go to your stylist and ask for a makeover. What do you think? Let us know what you do to keep your hair bouncy and healthy. We would love to hear it.