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Are you one of those people who are app-savvy? Well, if you are, then you must own a smart phone device that is loaded with apps. I am sure you may know what Pandora or Urban Spoon is, right? Who would have guessed that we would now be talking about beauty apps – something every woman can access from a chunky cell phone device. No, I am not a geek and would never want to be one – no offense to the geeks, but when it comes to beauty, I am all for it. So, if it means that I have to become a geek to access the must-have beauty apps, then I confess that I would. Wouldn’t you? If you want to keep abreast of technology and still look fabulous, you just have to. On a daily basis, there are tons of apps created for different reasons. There are many beauty apps that make looking good – very simple. You can grab any of these apps on Google Chrome, iTunes Store or Android Market. Some of these apps are informational, providing details about the ingredients and the product itself. Others provide the best product reviews or spa locations. Below are five of the most well-known ones on the market that are very user friendly.

Skin Match

Skin Match is an app for women who love to wear concealers to hide those flaws or foundation to do the same. You don’t want to waste hard earned money buying foundation that you never will use anyway because it may not the right match to your skin tone. Like me, I know many women have done just that and had to eventually throw them out. Skin Match guides you through the process – it is as if you have your own beauty consultant right at your fingertips.

OPI Try-It-On Studio

If you haven’t tried this new nail color app, you are missing out. The app consists of a color dial. Users gain access to a wide collection of nail colors. There is a virtual hand simulated for every skin tone. You can adjust it to match your skin tone in order to see which nail color fits against your skin type.

Beauty Product Reviews has created their own app to provide beauty product reviews. Potential buyers are able to see reviews before purchasing a new beauty product. You can view the category that interest you and find the featured reviews to help with your purchasing decision.

InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

This app was created by InStyle Magazine, gauged specifically for women who want wish they could have the hairstyles that celebrities wear. It is considered a hairstyle try-on tool. Before you get that similar haircut that a celebrity wore at the Grammys, you can try it first to see if it fits. The same goes for hair coloring. Upload a picture of yourself, make adjustments to the shape of the face and choose your preferred celebrity hairstyle. Some of the hairstyles are free while others require a fee-based upgrade.

Marie Claire Beauty Genius

Marie Claire Magazine created their app. It is dubbed Beauty Genius, featuring a section that showcases makeup looks for any occasion. This section is dubbed “Get the Look.” Then there is the section dubbed “Makeup Bag,” which is the shopping bag for your preferred items. There is also a section that provides tips and tricks with pictures to make it more understandable.


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