Many people are fooling themselves. They are living a life that is outside of their purpose. How do you find out what that purpose is? Do you first start with discovering your gifts or talents? Or do you question who you really are? How do we figure out if our life is on track or not? We will discuss some of the obvious, but explore some things that you may not have thought of before.

Who am I?

Yes, the first step is coming to terms with who you are. When you go on a job interview, for example, you are asked the same question, “Who are you?” How do you answer it? You will list all of your qualities, strengths and weaknesses, in most cases. But is this what you really are? You are definitely more than several attributes. However, these will build your character and reputation in society.

Moments of trepidation

Many of us, at some time in our early life as children may have been terrified of the dentist or doctor. At the thought of actually visiting the dentist, we go into a panic attack. However, what is the actual fear? Is it the fear of extracting a tooth or the picture of a white coat and needles? In life, you may want to tackle something of great magnitude. The fear is not about what you have to tackle, but of whether you can do it or not. Fear is OK. We all feel fear at some point. As long as you can get through the fear and take action despite of the fear, you will get through those moments of trepidation.

Knowing your purpose

Knowing your purpose is your passport to the inevitable destiny which you will face. With this passport, you can proceed to take the required action or steps to fulfill and accomplish your purpose. There will be available resources around you to utilize. This is when you will know for sure that you are doing exactly what you should be doing.

Deeply connected

When you are in a relationship that is caring and respectful, you feel loved. We all do. But here is when you can tell that you are meant to be with this person – you have similar goals and aspirations, you express your love openly to each other, you have similar core values and you can even finish each other’s sentence.

Balance in your life

You know that you are on track when you can balance your life or have balance in your life. You are organized and committed to staying that way. Everything is falling into place as you move forward and you remain focused. You only engage in activities that are of benefit to you and others such as a community development program that helps the less fortunate.


Are you one of those people who are not surprised when something happens in your life because you have developed a well-rounded lifestyle? Are you achieving your goals and objectives? Let us know where you are in life and if you are on track by leaving your comments below.