So many times, we react to the thoughts and actions of others to determine how we view things. Sometimes, this can create negative behaviors and thoughts into our everyday lifestyle, after which our personality starts adapting to the negativity. Negative thinking is not a good thing for anyone, let alone those of us who want to lead a worthwhile life. It is going to take some steps to reducing or stopping negativity altogether. Start working on it today. Here are 5 things to get you started.

Apologizing for Nothing

Stop trying to please others and stop making apologies for things that you are being blamed for – that you didn’t do. If you keep apologizing for nothing, you will always be blamed and people will think that you are at fault when you are not. Begin to change this behavior by being aware of how often you apologize. The only time that you should apologize is when it is necessary.

Stay Away From Problems

There are so many people who seek out problems. Instead of leaving it alone, you find ways to create problems for yourself. For example, if you send a text to someone and the person doesn’t answer right away, don’t assume that they are ignoring you. This may subsequently make you resentful toward the other person without first knowing the truth. Give the person the benefit of the doubt before starting a fight. When you do have a problem, you should try to find a solution, but don’t create unnecessary problems.

Think Positively About Yourself

Always have positive thoughts toward yourself. I know that this is not easy since we would love everything to be perfect. Like you, I sometimes, find myself speaking bad about myself such as “I am aging,” “my face is so pale,” or “I am too fat.” While all of this may be true, appreciate that you are a unique person. We all have flaws, but you still can be confident in who you are and the contribution that you can make to society. How you look is really superficial and can be fixed.

Be Gentle to Yourself

Be gentle to yourself. You are your own best friend. Think highly of yourself because the way you treat yourself is how you are going to treat others. Respect yourself. Love yourself. No one can do it better than you.

Your are Unique

Ladies, you have all tried to compare yourself to other women. Tell the truth. I have and it is not a good feeling when you think that you don’t add up. You are unique. There is no one else like you. You have so much to offer than your physical appearance. Do what you were created to do and don’t mind anyone else. YOU alone will be accountable.


I discovered the importance of paying close attention to what you think and how you act. Doing so will help you to stop some of these behavior patterns. As you get rid of the negativity, you will find that it holds less value and you no longer gravitate towards such actions. Let us hear what you think by leaving your comments below.