Gender equality and women in leadership are two issues that have gained prominence over the years. Women are now in positions where they are more empowered. It is essential for us gals to feel important. We can do as much as men can, if we are given the chance. Of course, this kind of assertive attitude towards this issue is going to be a choice, but I hope that at the end of this article, you will consider being a part of this female movement. It will only serve to help society, the children and you.

Show Leadership

Some people think that leadership is about being domineering and having a feeling of superiority over others. It is quite the contrary. If you want to be a good female leader, you have to know how to inspire and motivate others to act. You have to provide support to your team. You must be a good listener and able to provide excellent solutions.

Speak Your Mind

To have an assertive female attitude, you must be willing to speak your mind and not be afraid of being heard, especially if you are speaking up for an honorable cause. Never be afraid of putting yourself ‘out there’ and giving your opinion and ideas. Have the confidence to do what it takes to gain respect.

Rely on Yourself

As women, we have an inner intuitiveness that most of us don’t tap into. Though, you are thought to be fragile, you can step out of that profile and show your independence and resilience. You are a powerful female. Show the world what you can do single-handedly and with a great team on your side.

Stay Abreast of Things

Stay abreast of all that is going on around you, your industry and the world. This will allow you to be dominant in your industry or field of interest. Do your research to find out more because this will only help you to be better at what you do.

Be Respectful of Others

If you want to gain respect as a female in a male-dominated world, for example, you must show respect to others as well. It is not a guarantee, of course, that you will be fully respected, but do your part to ensure that you are treating others as how you want to be treated. Be humble in your position as an empowered woman. Listen to the opinions of others and give valued viewpoints as well.

Stay Informed

Hard work is one of the secrets to success. You can achieve success if you stay informed. This is one of the recipes to rolling with the ‘big boys.’

Develop and Improve Your Confidence

There is nothing that confidence won’t do for you. Don’t doubt yourself. Be fully aware of your potential. Do whatever it takes to develop and improve your confidence.


These are some of the assertive attitudes that you should embrace if you want to be empowered and be a force to reckon with. How do you feel about being empowered as a woman? Do you think that this is the way women should represent themselves and other females? Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.