Are you frantically trying to lose weight? Have you done everything possible and nothing is working? You are not alone. Do not give up just yet. Losing weight is pretty much changing your lifestyle and eating habits first. If you don’t take this approach, you will end up putting the weight back on. It is time to avoid those high calorie foods that you love. It is time to squeeze in some type of exercise and activity into your daily routine. You can do it by starting with small steps.

Drink Plenty of Water

I can’t say it enough – drinking water is so essential to your health, let alone your weight loss. Alcohol and even healthy fruit smoothies do contain at least 100 calories each and so do other beverages such as sodas and energy drinks. Try to stay away from these as much as possible or consume them in small quantities. Sodas, for example, fool the body into water retention; thus the reason for feeling bloated. Contrarily, water helps to flush out the additional water weight. The ideal solution is to replace most of these with a nice cold glass of water (zero calories) – how refreshing that sounds! Add a squeeze of lemon to make it less boring.

No White Bread or Pasta

Don’t eat white bread! Too much pasta isn’t good either. Products made of white grain will tend to bloat you up around the midsection. These products are quickly digested into your system and leave you feeling hungry, forcing you to overeat. If you want to lose weight faster, why not substitute the bread with vegetables? So instead of eating a tuna sandwich, you would eat a tuna salad. Vegetables do the same thing as water – flush out the additional water weight.

Eat Healthy Foods You Love

Start eating your favorite healthy foods. It could be sweet grapes or crunchy carrots, which are great finger foods when you feel like snacking. Add these foods into your daily meals or eat in between meals.

Work Your Heart Muscles

Exercise is also very important. It doesn’t have to be an hour workout at the gym. It could be just a simple walk around your block, gardening in your yard or playing in the house with your kids. If you have a hard time with making a commitment to exercise, hire a personal trainer to come to your home as long as you can afford it. Take up kickboxing or a yoga class. An increased metabolism does wonders for your heart muscles and your weight.

Daily Push-Ups and Squats

Do push-ups on the floor in your home. If you can’t get down to the floor, do the push-ups against a chair or object while standing up. It will strengthen your upper body. Squats can be done in your living room. This tightens and firms your lower body.

Cut Out One Unhealthy Food Item

Start by cutting out at least one healthy food item at a time. If you love chips and dip, don’t eat it from the bag. If you eat from the bag, you tend to have too much. Put some in a small bowl. Soon, you might wean yourself from the small bowl. You could also replace the chip with carrot and dip instead.

Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portions of food helps your digestive system to work less. It also reduces your caloric intake. You send a message to your body that the smaller portion is enough. Soon your body will accept the message and be OK with it.


You know what is involved with losing weight successfully – consume less calories and burn additional calories. You also should be aware by now that fad diets don’t work. If you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off, then you should take the healthy route. Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below.