Happiness is different for everyone. You must determine your own happiness. Someone else won’t be able to do it for you. If you want to live a meaningful life, it is best to take action, make the right choices and count the moments. You must choose what you want to become and embrace the experiences that come with it. You can also create your own experiences. How? Well, what if you are not married or don’t have a boyfriend, would you go on a cruise by yourself, just to feel good? Many people wouldn’t and that is where the difference lies. Some people are afraid to experience new things.

Give Your Best

When you can give your best to the world, you will feel fulfilled and focused on what is good for everyone. If you use your strengths and gifts to share with the world, you will benefit from making a difference, but you will also feel happy about helping others. The easiest way you can do this is to find a cause that is dear to your heart and focus on it.

Live Your Values

We all have certain values that we cherish. Spend time living within those values to add happiness to your life. If you spend much of your time at work, be sure that you link your time at work with your values. For instance, if you are one of those people that love to learn, then spend time mastering your craft at work. If you like to assist others, find ways to contribute in the office by using your skills, values and experience. If one of your values is excellence, then make sure you do excellent work. You will enjoy work much more. In contrast, that is why many people hate their jobs. They do not use their values to work their jobs.

Define Your Level Of Happiness

Each of us has a different level of happiness. Whatever, your level of happiness is, you should embrace it – until you get where you want to be. Never compare your happiness with someone else’s. You don’t have to feel happy every moment of the day to have a high level of happiness. Once your overall level of happiness is where you want to be, then you are fine.

Propel Your Happiness

Once you find out what you love to do and what will make you happy, then you will be able to do those things that will enhance your happiness. Don’t do things just because someone else wants you to. Do them because you want to be happy.

Don’t Have Regrets

If you don’t do something that makes you happy, you will fall in the “What if” category. You don’t want to do that. You shouldn’t set yourself up for any regrets. Enjoy life. Live it to the fullest. Additionally, you shouldn’t determine your life upon being happy if something specific happens. You should lead the way – not allow the circumstances to dictate your happiness.

Level Of Frustration

If you are the kind of person who is easily frustrated, then your overall happiness will be elusive. You cannot stress about little stuff and expect to be happy. Don’t get mad at everything or your level of frustration will be higher than your level of happiness.

Direct Your Life

You are the only person who can direct your life. Whatever you focus on, you will receive. So instead of putting all your thoughts into the pain and disappointments that life sometimes bring, why not focus on the pleasure. Choose to be happy instead of sad. Point your attention on the ideal scenes and experiences of the day.


Happiness is your decision and no one else. What makes you happy? If you can find even one thing that does, then you are on the way to increasing your level of happiness. Let’s hear your thoughts by leaving your comments below.