There are some basic ways that you can spread joy to other people, if you make the effort. It is selfless when you grab opportunities to make other people feel good. To extend an act of kindness to someone, the person doesn’t have to be a family member or friend. Though, these people are important, you should also spread joy to your neighbors, coworkers and even strangers. It can be quite a rewarding feeling for you, but more importantly, it brightens up someone’s day. It is essential for you to bring joy to yourself first by empowering yourself and leading a happy and stress free life. Forget about what others think about you. Live your life on your own terms or you will have others sucking the joy out of you before you can spread it to anyone else.

Start with those you love

Begin spreading joy to the people around you, especially those you are related to or closely connected to. However, stay away from family members that are negative. Only when you are happy can you put a smile on someone else’s face.


Another way to spread joy is to volunteer for a good cause where you can help others less fortunate than you are. It could be a nursing home, hospital, children’s group home or in a women’s or homeless shelter. Spending time with these people is an unselfish act and could be an inspiration to those on the receiving end. Believe me; those people will be grateful to have you around. In fact, most of them will look forward to your visits.

The Small Things

You might not think that a small deed warrants joy, but it does to some people. What you may think as being ‘not a big deal,’ might mean so much to someone else. It could be giving up your seat on a crowded train to a pregnant woman or elderly person. It could be buying cookies and going to a children’s hospital to give them away. It could be mowing your neighbor’s lawn or carrying out their trash. You will never know what will bring joy to someone else. So do what you can – whenever you can to make someone else’s life easier.

Send a Card

Have you ever received an unexpected card in the mail and it brought a smile to your face? Well, you could buy a package of cards and send them out to people you know or hand them out to people you don’t know. A card is a great way of inspiring and motivating others, especially those going through a difficult time.

Being Courteous

The words, ‘good morning, hello, how are you doing or how are you feeling – can go a long way to making someone feel that there are people who care. Be sincere about it, though. Don’t say it because it is the right thing to do. Be authentic. Being compassionate and courteous to others is a great way to spread joy.

Being Optimistic

Who wouldn’t love to be around someone who is optimistic and positive? This is a great way to spread joy. Everyone will take notice. In addition, if you compliment others, it further shows your optimism and makes them feel good.

Being Creative

Write little sticky notes with inspirational quotes and use it to spread the joy at home and work. This might catch on and make others want to do this too – further spreading more joy.


There is no excuse why you cannot start today to spread joy in your home, community, work and wherever you go. Do you have any ideas and suggestions that you would like to share? Leave your comments below.