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Based in Dallas, Sharon Capehart is Chairman and CEO of Positively Women, Inc., popular YouTube broadcaster and best-selling author of “The Power 2 Be You.” She provides transformational coaching and empowering lectures to women around the world.

Sharon teaches women to look in the mirror and love themselves from the OUTSIDE – IN – “to hell with others who think that these types of women are too pompous!” Sharon thinks that a woman who knows that she looks darn good on the outside will be more resolute to transform her INNER self.

Sharon has embarked on a mission to help women understand and embrace their full potential, life’s purpose and ability to change their environment. “I want to impress upon ALL women that no matter what your age, you CAN look great and be sure of yourself.” And she does it in an unconventional and eccentric way. Sharon is ‘off the wall,’ and ‘not your norm,’ but still maintains professionalism in every sense of the word. Look out though – Sharon ‘packs a punch’ when it comes to presenting her message! She’s deliberately honest so if you’re ‘faint at heart,’ and ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ brace for a barrage of firmness and determination to get you to the next level where you belong!

As creator of my popular Youtube channel, the best-selling book “The Power To Be You”, the online course ‘Transform Your Life‘, and other popular courses, my goal is to provide resources and expert answers to pressing questions about female topics along with the ‘how to’ solution that women demand.

My radio shows, live seminars and appearances inject fun and entertainment into the lives of women, and yet also portray seriousness in a no-nonsense kind of way when it comes to women’s self-worth. I’ve been invited to be a frequent guest on numerous national radio and television programs, where I bring captivating, sometimes in-your-face(!) and expert discussions about women. I encourage ALL women to take action by delivering my message with a little glitz, glamour, fun and authority.

I’ve spent years perfecting and creating my coaching and online courses, which provide the highest quality training on topics related to personal growth and development, all without the “BS.” Those who subscribe to my Youtube channel know that when I find an innovative product or information that I think women will benefit from, all of my subscribers, customers and seminar attendees are the FIRST to hear the inside scoop.

It’s my hope that through this website and the hundreds of videos I post online, that I can provide inspiration to thousands of women about altering their outer image and self-esteem as well as boosting their confidence to avoid looking like “something that just stumbled out of a dark alley!” Each of you should always remember to confront your fears and gravitate towards a happy and fulfilling life – no matter what it takes to do so!

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