In today’s world, women who are aging will tend to experience issues with their hair such as breakage, dullness and brassiness. Sometimes, it may be due to the kind of products used. At times, it could be the fact that women spend a lot of the time in the sun and in the pool. Whatever the reason, there are specific must-have products and methods to use to maintain healthy hair. As you age, you begin to see gray hairs. Some people may gray around the circumference of the head while others have sparkles of gray throughout the head. Thinning hair is also a prerequisite of aging.

Advanced Aging of the Hair

Pantene researchers ran a survey where one thousand women were asked to determine if their hair was aging. To determine this, they would see how much graying took place. They would also look at how the hair thinned out. Other things to look for with aging hair are frizz, drying, split ends and breakage. In the findings, it was revealed that your hair begins to lose its youthful shine at the age of 35 and over. That is why you have to take care of it before it loses its entire luster. Like your skin, the hair needs nourishment and therefore, using the right product is important to preventing lack luster hair.

Anti-Aging Hair Solutions

As you age, you should try to stay away from too much flat ironing. For now, they will make your hair look silky, but over time, ti damages the hair, drying it out and damaging the follicles. Ferrum Professional Styler from Ferrum Iron is designed to fix that problem. It has a fabric plate that reduces the burning of the hair and it allows the hair strands to breathe. The product sells for $189, but it can last of a long time.

Carol’s Daughter Monio Oil Serum by Sephora is a product made for distressed hair, especially when you have experienced a lot of damage due to flat ironing, chemicals and hair coloring. This oil is lightweight and seals the moisture in your hair strands. Product price is only $30.

Unite U Luxury Shampoo by Unite Hair is a strengthening shampoo, which has mineral rich ingredients. It is made with argan oil and moisturizers made with honey. It revitalizes the hair with only one shampoo. Price is only $43.

Drybar Cream Soda Smoothing Cream from The Dry Bar sells for $27. It transforms the hair follicles with its keratin, olive oil and jojoba ingredients. It prevents hair breakage and delivers a heavy dosage of hydration.

Use volumizing mousse on your hair to give your limp hair some oomph! Make sure you get one that has a light conditioner. It makes your hair full while healthy at the same time.


Stay away from products that are filled with alcohol ingredients because they leave the hair brassy, lack luster and dull. Some products will even strip your hair color. A woman’s hair and scalp is often ignored as she gets older. Whether you have coarse, thin, fine or dry hair; with the right products, you can revive the look of your hair. Let us know what you think about this topic.