If you are currently fighting or arguing with yourself, you might be stressing yourself too much. At times, it might be that you subconsciously don’t want to change or you may be at a point in your life where fear has gotten hold of you. How do I know? Well, like you, I have been there and done that and have a “T-Shirt to show for it.” So I know what I am talking about. Prior to seeing the successes of people that I have assisted in my life transformation coaching program, I have seen certain noticeable patterns. Some people readily change their way of living, but there are others who are stuck for a while and need a little push.


If you are not willing to change, you will always be fighting and arguing with yourself for a long time. Do you agree with that? If your answer is NO, then you may not be ready for change, but if you don’t change now, you will still have to face the change eventually. Take one step toward change and not two steps backward or you will sabotage any progress made thus far.




If you are spending too much time fighting yourself, it means that you don’t mind having and keeping your problems. If you are always talking about your problems and being dramatic about it, you should change to this bad habit. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it means that you don’t want to embrace change or you just want the negative attention that it gives you.


You are committing self-sabotage when you argue over a suggestion that you should change. Are you doing that now while reading this? Well, if so, you are the kind of person who just thinks you know everything. You don’t want to listen to what others think or you may be afraid to test out new solutions that will get you out of your existing situation. So what do you do? You dismiss any positive suggestions; possibly thinking that they won’t work for you. This means that you are fighting with yourself.


Negative Cause and Effect


Instead of hoping for the best for the future, some people remain pessimistic. Instead of accepting change or finding the root cause for the problems that they are having, they are Ok with remaining in their situation. In fact, some people live in the past by refusing to get out of their comfort zone.


Becoming Empowered


No matter what situation you find yourself, you can empower yourself instead of fighting and resisting. Do you know how you can do this? Detect your strengths and don’t tell me that you don’t have anyone because we all do. And don’t make excuses for not taking the time to know what you are good at. When do you find out what those strengths are, test how you can use them to make your situation better. Place more emphasis on what you want for your future, on the solutions instead of the problems.




Let me ask you this: if you could have the kind of future that you really wanted, what would it be? Take some time, but not too long to think about it. Post your answer and comments below.