The primary reason that everyone should strive to be confident is that it adds a sense of power, magnetism and sophistication to your personality. When you are confident, you are not afraid to ask for anything that you want. Whether it is asking for a date, a discount or advice, people who are confident know what they want and go for it. Amazingly, to achieve much of your goals has to do with having the courage to ask for something. Do you know why you should ask for what you desire?

You should ask because:

  • You get what you want when you ask for it!
  • You should ask so that you have a chance of getting it!

Creating an intention

There are many obese people who have tried losing weight on their own, but they may lack willpower and strength or determination to achieve those goals. Why? They haven’t created the intention of being healthy, but instead of just losing weight. If you don’t have intention, nothing will happen. There has to be more about your weight loss goals other than losing weight. The ultimate goal should be a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t have this mindset and ask for help to do this, you will end up losing weight and gaining it back.  This is what is called the Law of Attraction. What you attract will come to you. If your goal is losing weight and not only about being healthy, this is what you will receive, which can be a temporary solution.

Being Inventive

Asking and giving go hand in hand. For example, I pay to host and maintain this blog. I hear from my readers that the many articles, resources and videos provided have changed their lives. The cost to run this blog minus the revenue received does not compare to the valuable contribution made to other’s lives. You can use this same concept for your own lives. Instead of asking and receiving only what you asked for, you can receive more by being an asset to someone else by also giving back. Asking is not the same as taking. Asking is expecting something, but also being open to giving back something.

Being confident and hopeful

When you ask confidently, you will have this innate and unexplainable feeling that you will receive what you asked for. However, you have to first confidently believe in what you ask for. You also have to make this desire real by believing that you have already received it, even when you haven’t yet. I know this may sound unrealistic and possibly nonsense to you, but it works! You shouldn’t wait to receive what you ask for to believe in it. You must have faith in the request and longingly hope for it. This is the key to receiving your desire.


Your thoughts can make or break you. What you think sums up who you are. It really does. Negative thinking produces negative results and the same is true with positive thinking. If you ask for something, you cannot entertain thoughts that you will possibly receive it or you won’t receive it. You have to be confident that you will! Leave your comments here.