Mr. Winter, we are sorry, but your time is almost up! We are tired of plum lips, dry skin and chapped lips. We are now ready for beauty, Easter bunnies, fresh air and the hottest spring trends possible. This is going to be a new season with new beauty trends and we can’t wait! These are the thoughts of most women who are yearning for the opportunity to revamp their makeup and beauty collection to a more colorful look. Lucky for them this spring and summer reveals a lot of food for thought to experiment with colors and new beauty products.

At the fashion week shows recently, the focus was on eyes. From Donna Karan to Gucci and Versace, Milan and Dior, all did everything possible to draw the attention to really long eye lashes, jeweled eye lids and colored eye liners. Rochas and Giles chose matted lips to spruce up and show off the peeled back looks. Companies like Marc Jacobs focused on grunge eye liners that produced a classy look.

When you think about beauty, less is usually the most beautiful, but you can get the same results with applying a little color on your face to highlight specific features. Fortunately, for a lot of women, the spring fashion shows provided the two options; less and more. Many makeup artists used bright shades of green and blue to emphasize the eyes; rich crimson hues to accentuate the lips. Models on the runway had very distinct lashes and eyebrows as well as glowing skin. This was balanced with gently smudged eyeliners. If you want to emphasize a combination of strong or subtle, you should work on the features that you would love to draw attention to by using more or less color. A little touch of sparkle will also do the trick; while you keep the rest simple and radiant.

Signals of Red

Many makeup artists thought that this spring would be a season with paler lips. They were shocked when red lips hit the industry with a bang. This was most noticed at a Burberry fashion show when models sported soft scarlet hue and this created quite a buzz. Prada’s makeup professional, Pat McGrath chose to go for a matte crimson finish, which defined the outer areas of the lips using a red pencil to bring out the full shape of the mouth. This will work well if you have thin lips; it makes the lips appear fuller and bigger. Rouges alternated from pinky-red to a classic and bright red and a dark and intense black cherry; demonstrating that the lasting appeal of red is back.

What to expect?

Many makeup experts are using the sheer pastel shades and peachy tones for the spring season because they stand out more. If you are going to an Easter brunch with family, this is the perfect color to wear along with nominal eye liner and sassy mascara to complete your spring signature look.

For your cheeks, use vivid colors like pink or bronze tones. If you want to stand out more, opt for fuchsia, purple and orange tones.  Beautiful skin is going to be very popular this spring. People will spend tons of money on beauty products for optimal skin care and a fresh face as well as a dewy look. To achieve this, you can also use a moisture tint. Apply BB cream using a brush to give the skin a cleaner and fresher look.


Highlight your most notable features

Spring 2013 will introduce much brighter colors, so you should not be afraid to try bright eye shadows and colorful shades of lipsticks. Here are four trends that you can imitate:

  1. You might think that orange lips are a little bit too intense for you. However, you can bet that this will be hot for the season. Orange lips will enhance your whole face and make your lips stand out. Try the neon orange lipstick by MAC. It has incredible pigmentation and applies smoothly. Put on a nude lip liner first and keep the other parts of your makeup modest.
  2. Don’t waver when it comes to green and blue eye shadows for this season because they are trendy! These brighter shades of color will make you appear flattering to everybody and it also makes your eyes pop! Both colors can be worn simultaneously.
  3. Never over pluck your eyebrows because thick eyebrows are in for the spring 2013 season. Skinny eyebrows are gone for now. Let your eyebrows grow to frame your features. If they are thin, use an eyebrow pencil that matches the natural color of your hair.


Are your ready for the new beauty and skin that spring 2013 is ready to offer you? You better be ready because it is almost here and you are going to love the options it brings.