It is Ok for a woman over 45 to dress how she wants, but still there are a few essential guidelines to follow. During the holidays, women of all ages take pleasure in dressing up in glitter and metallic apparel. In fact, glitter and metallic are the ideal options for the holidays. So why should you be excluded, just because you are aging? You want to feel as chic, elegant and beautiful as any other gal does. I know that because so do I.

Glitter Makeup

For the holidays or any time of the year, most girls of all ages love to put on makeup of any kind. Glitter adds sex appeal. However, when you are getting older, it is best to use less makeup and use the right beauty products. Since you are not wearing the glitter all the time, but the holidays, I see nothing wrong with wearing it for special occasions. Just go easy with it. Add just a little shimmer eye shadow, which will magnify or open up your eyelids – no matter your age.

If you want to look flattering, go for matte eye shadows in subtle colors such as peach sorbet, lavender, taupe and grays – anything that matches your skin tone. Stay away from the heavy eyeliner if you are going to wear shimmer eye shadows. It is just too much going on. As long as you apply your makeup well, you have nothing to worry about. There are so many Hollywood celebrities that are older and still wear glitter makeup. How do they handle this? Some may put a little shimmer in their makeup or powder and apply it sparingly in specific places on the face. If you are older, you should use sheer whites, sparking pinks and pale golds. To tone it down, put a matte brown over it.

If you are still unsure, visit one of those beauty counters in your local department stores and speak to a professional makeup artist. In fact, you could get a free facial makeover, if you ask.

Metallic Makeup

Metallic makeup will add a twinkle to the eyes. If you are older, it is best to go for silver, bronze and gold. Or you could try a jewel tone that has a metallic tint and apply it to your eyelids. Of course, it is definitely Ok to have shimmering lips and highlighted cheek bones for glistening skin. However, be sure to avoid using glitter or metallic flakes. Using a metallic or glitter eye liner gives your face a sparkle, especially when you use silver or gold.


Personally, I don’t think glitter or metallic makeup is age restrictive. It is a matter of personal choice. It also depends on how much of it you apply and how bold you want to look. The bottom line is to keep the eye shadow subtle as you get older. However, all types of eyeliner are good at any age. What do you think about this topic? Let us know by leaving your comments below.