To feel the most attractive, you have to first love yourself and not depend on others to love you. If you opt for the latter, then you are going to feel disappointed when your needs are unmet and when you are not complimented as often as you would like. The real truth is not everyone is going to like you. You have to accept this reality. Some people will dislike you for a variety of different reasons; even as simple as how confident you are. Of course, you do care about what others think of you, but you cannot let that be the driving force of how you look and feel.

You want to be respected and loved, but humans are fickle and not always loyal. So don’t put your ‘bottom dollar,’ on being happy because of what they say, think or do. You may have a particular person that you depend on for their honest opinion. When that person fails you, don’t be alarmed. Just move on and do whatever it takes to build your self-esteem and confidence.

Additionally, to be attractive, you should make an effort to love and respect yourself. Embrace your values, abilities, desires and personality traits. Never try to impress anyone – be your true self. Doing so will allow others to see what you see in yourself. The people who will be attracted to your personality of confidence and authenticity are those who are mature, genuine, intelligent and emotionally sound.

Here are some steps to follow to remain powerfully attractive:

  • Develop your qualities and define your innate moral and interests
  • Release yourself from a need for being validated. The opinions and recognition of others are not as important as you think. It is all about what is significant and of value to you
  • Your instinct should be trusted
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things; even if you fail, you can always try again
  • Accept people for who they are and don’t be judgmental or critical of others. Instead place more emphasis on the strengths of others and not their faults
  • Become a good listener and try to understand as much as you can
  • Handle all unresolved issues in your life and learn how to forgive when necessary
  • Live a healthy lifestyle – include exercise into your daily routine and eat foods that are healthy for you
  • Don’t wait for things to happen. Be proactive and not a bystander
  • Show others that you really care
  • Look for the best in others
  • Make sure your needs are being met
  • Be constructive in what you say. Use positive words that encourage, inspire and motivate
  • Laugh as much as you can – laughter is one of the best medicine for feeling and looking attractive
  • Refrain from gossiping. Make a decision not to discuss others in a negative light because it will make you look bad
  • Ask for what you want without complaining
  • Don’t prolong arguments. Deal with a situation and let it go. If you have to walk away from it, then by all means do so
  • Provide help to others if and when you can
  • Be always grateful and show gratitude to others


What other qualities can you think of that make others attractive to you? Let us hear your comments also about what makes you feel attractive. Leave your comments below.