I am sure when you were young, your parents told you that makeup makes you look much older and that you are not allowed to wear any until you became ‘of age.’ Right? Yes, we all went through that as little girls. But, is any of this really true? Does makeup really make you look older?

When you scrub the skin to remove makeup too, the process helps to exfoliate the skin cells. Of course, you will replenish the moisture by using a moisturizing skin cream. If you use beauty products with SPF, you will help to keep the skin undamaged. With that being said, makeup will never cause damage to your skin.


According to the experts, the environment has 90% adverse effect on the skin. If you depend on SPF in your makeup to protect your skin against the sun, then makeup will definitely result in premature aging. If you use SPF-15 makeup, then you would need two teaspoons of it to get the maximum protection from the sun. This means that a bottle measuring an ounce would only last for three days. Additionally, SPF only protects you from UVB rays. You need more protection from UVA rays because this is what ages your skin and can result in skin cancer. It is best to choose mineral makeup that consists of zinc oxide because that gives you full coverage and protection from UVB and UVA rays.

Things to Avoid

Don’t use makeup that has a talc base. It dries out the skin and will eventually cause fine lines, clogged pores and an aged look. As you age, be sure to tone down your makeup. You don’t need that much anyway. Less is better as you get older. You shouldn’t use makeup to mask your skin, but to enhance it. More makeup places emphasis on your pores and wrinkles. In other words, don’t use a heavy hand when it comes to applying your makeup. Don’t put on the wrong shade of makeup either or you will look older.

When you are getting older, you don’t want to emphasize your lower lash lines. It tends to draw the eyes downward instead of opening them more. So don’t go too much for the smoky eyes. To add some dimension to the lower eyelashes, apply a soft powder. You should use lip liners minimally or use a nude color. You don’t want to draw attention to your lips since that is where you usually see some of your fine lines – around the lips. Before you use powder foundations, be sure to moisturize the skin first. You don’t want the powder to settle into your fine lines for an older look.

Choose the right color palettes and shades of makeup to match your skin tone. You want to project a healthy skin glow and not one that shouts ‘I am getting older and want to cover up everything.’


Start your day with the appropriate skin care. Adding moisture before applying makeup will guarantee smoother and enhanced skin. Do you have any advice for our readers? We would love to read your comments below.