If you’ve been in your job for a while, don’t you get bored girlies?  It’s hard to stay motivated at work when you feel like you’ve mastered everything right?  There is always something to learn, always something to master and always something to really train on, but have you found it?  Have you found a reason to stay motivated at work?  Well, I’ve got to top tips to help you stay motivated and to really help you change your attitude around on the job, so that maybe, you’ll be able to get promoted and really expand your career!

Take On More Responsibility

Of course, the obvious way to stay motivated at work is to take on more responsibility, but you’ve got to take on the right responsibility.  You want to stay challenged right, you want to make sure that your job is stimulating your mind, body and soul.  If you take on a responsibility that is just looking at spreadsheets all day, is that really going to challenge your mind?  You want to take on something that is going to appeal to you, so find your niche girlies and see if you can discuss it with your boss!
Learn a New Trade

Ah, the new trade is an amazing way to keep yourself completely and totally motivated!  Whether you are cross-training with another department or you are being taught something completely new, this will keep you focused and will ensure that you stay committed.  No matter what job you are in, there are different departments and cross-training with another department and learning what they do can actually really help you with your current job and can keep you motivated for your next step!

Think of Ways to Better Processes

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel of course, but if you are constantly having challenges with something – and you think other people are too, why not come up with a better way to do it?  Who knows, maybe your company will adopt it and you’ll get the credit!  The best part about this?  You’ll have to really make people believe that your way is a better way – which in turn, will keep you challenged and will keep you motivated!

Ask Your Boss

Finally, if still have absolutely no idea how you can keep your motivation level high, why not have a conversation with your boss?  Truthfully, your boss might have some ideas that you would never, ever think about or they might have some projects that they need help with, that you had no idea about.  Asking your boss about how you can keep motivated isn’t going to hurt your career, in fact, it’ll look great that you reached out and are trying to stay challenged in your current role!

So gals, are you still bored at work?  Give some of these tips and try and let me know how they work for you!  Have you ever been not-motivated at work?  What did you do?  Share your story with me below girlies, I’d love to hear from you!