Every woman should consider herself beautiful. We all have something that is unique to our gender, personality and taste. I have gathered so much information over the years as to what a woman needs to feel young and attractive; no matter what her age. This doesn’t have anything to do with plastic surgery, the best beauty product on the market or a new hairdo. It is much deeper than that.

For a woman who wants to look her best at any age, confidence is the key to transforming beauty from within and let it permeate on the outside. Most women I find look at the superficial things instead of working on their confidence first. When a model goes on a casting call, the person conducting the casting call is usually looking for even a tinge of confidence and not necessarily a pretty face. The casting director does not care about perfection. In a lot of cases, they look for the person who knows exactly who they are and not afraid to show it. They look for a poised woman who is self-assured and has high self-esteem.

If you were to ask the normal woman about what self-confidence does for her, I am sure she would also tell you that when she puts on a dress that she knows look good on her, it raises her confidence level and when she walks out in it, she feels beautiful inside and out.

Your assets

Your focus should be on the assets that you do have as a woman. Do not concentrate on the things that you don’t necessarily have. If you don’t have it, you can always create it, but why spend time on that when you can enhance your best assets? The woman who puts more emphasis on the features that she loves is more inclined to feel better about herself. She can improve and use those assets to raise her level of confidence. For example, if anyone has ever told you that you have a beautiful smile, thick hair, firm butt, great legs or sexy eyes, why not use these features to develop the confidence from within?

A winning smile

A smile can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to keep smiling. The world will notice you. It shows the world that you are a confident person and the inner beauty that you are feeling inside, you are not afraid to share it. A smile portrays you as a beautiful person. In fact, it is the best way to give yourself a facelift.

Change Your Look

The world defines beauty in a certain way. You don’t have to stick to what society views as beauty. You can create your own definition of beauty. You can create a ‘new you,’ by changing the way you look. If you are not happy with your self-image, have a makeover done. Change your personal style and become savvy when it comes to fashion. Have you ever seen the women who have gotten a free makeover on a television show? Don’t they look so much more confident than their ‘before’ pictures? Of course! You can feel the same way too.


What is your best asset? Have you used it lately to enhance your level of confidence? What other tips could you provide that would help our audience? Your comments would be well appreciated. Leave comments below.