I believe that you can eliminate plastic surgery when it comes to a nose job. You can fake a nose job using makeup and it is so simple, you wouldn’t even believe it if you weren’t reading this article. You may be struggling with low self-esteem because of a large or wide nose and you don’t have the funds to do plastic surgery. Don’t get frustrated, girl! There are other options.

Every one of us has a distinct nose, even after plastic surgery. You can contour and enhance your facial features, but this is quite different from faking a nose job. With contouring, you will outline and emphasize your nose, but when you fake a nose job, you create an illusion. There are several steps that you will need to follow. So let’s begin!

How to begin

Prime the whole face using foundation primer, which will be the base to balance out the skin. Add foundation as well, which will make the makeup last much longer. Leave the primer on the skin for a couple minutes, and then you are going to apply your concealer and foundation on the nose, but make sure these are in liquid form or you can also use stick foundation. Match the product with your particular skin tone.

First, you should apply the concealer and then the foundation, after which, you are going to use a brush or your finger to add more concealer to the nose. Make sure it is blended into the skin. Use a blush brush to matte everything together by adding thick powder on top of the concealer. Spread it from the nose to the rest of the face.

Be sure to use at least two matte eye shadow shades that match your skin tone. Use one that is two shades darker and one that is beige in color. You want to avoid shades with any shimmer.

Next step

With a liner brush, you are going to run a line on the sides of the nose. Use the darker shade first. If you have a long nose, start lining below the nose. If you have a wide nose, start lining the sides of the nose using the same shade as the tone of your skin. Next, apply the shade that is darkest using a cosmetic sponge or powder puff to blend it out. You should be having fun by now. Are you? Be sure that the lines are not visible. Now you are ready to apply the lighter matte shade in the area that was not shaded with the darkest color. Add it also to the bottom part of the nose. Use the lighter shade also on both sides of the nose.

Be mindful that you should have corresponding colors that start with light matte to dark matte and then back to light matte and dark matte to light matte. You can always correct it if you have made an error. To do so, you would retouch and blend.


Now it is time to see everything in the mirror. Do you see the difference? You have just gotten your first fake nose job. Wasn’t that simple? Let us know how it looked and what you would add or change. Your comment is important to us.