dior-cosmetics-fall-2014-makeup1For the fall 2014 season, there are specific beauty trends to look out for. These are things that you see on the fashion runway, in street fashion and almost everywhere you go. You can be sure that you will see these things on other people during the fall season. So don’t be left out.

Body Butter

For the fall, you can expect to see body butters on the department store shelves alongside body lotions. Don’t be surprised. You will feel the smoothness of our skin when you use body butter. It is thicker and richer, providing a luxury feel to the skin. It is the ultimate skin care product.

Hair Braiding

Hair braiding has always been popular and for the fall season, there is no difference. It is easier to manage, quick hairdo and excellent for the cool fall month. You can braid your hair into a bun. If you like hair extensions, you can put those in. Fish tail braids have also become popular.


For the fall 2014 season, you will see more metallic than usual. You will see metallic clothing and metallic accessories. Even handbags and shoes will boast the metallic beauty trend this season. For those who love makeup, metallic eye makeup is also a new beauty trend. It adds glitz and glamour to your look, especially if you are going out on the town for a date night or party. You can go to one of those makeup counters at your local department store to try it before you buy it.


Many women love nail art. Of course, it is excellent if you want to be flashy and glamorous. However, for fall 2014, you can expect nude shades or darker colors on the fingernails. Gray, though conservative, on the toenails and fingernails, it will give you the classiness that you are looking for.

Hair Color

If you haven’t seen it before, wig manufacturers are making wigs with two tone colors. It is the same with applying hair color. You can add the ombre trend, which is two tone, but in colors to match the fall season. For redheads, light and dark auburn would be quite complimentary. Caramel would work best for blondes and brunettes could look more appealing in light and dark chestnut.

Makeup for the Eyes

For the fall, makeup for the eyes is going to be bolder and richer for the fall 2014 season. You will find eye shadow being much darker with fully emphasized lashes. For the fall, eyeliners are going to be winged for a more feminine and beautiful appearance.

Brightly Colored Lips

For fall 2014, you will see bolder colored lips with more gloss for a shinier look. This is something that is popular during the summer, but the fall season has also embraced it. It will look great with the lightly colored nails, winged eyeliner and dark eye shadow.


Beauty trends are constantly changing. You have to stay abreast of it for every season. Which one of these do you like for the fall 2014 season? If you haven’t tried anyone of these, it may be time to do so. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.