We are now in the month of April and yes, the weather might be what you expected it to be – rainy and gloomy, but let’s escape reality for a moment and look at the brighter side of things – nail polishes for the spring! Want a new manicure stash of colors? You will find them engaging and fun – these new shades of nail polish. Even if you are wading through puddles of rain, you still need your nails to look good, right? Spring has some new lacquers you can use for a quick on-the-go manicure. Read on and you will see what the season offers in hot nail polish colors from the rainbow. Hope you see a rainbow in the cloud of rain that you have to endure this spring.

Work with What You Got!

Spring 2015 brings with it some classic nude and brightly colored shades of nail polish. You can see that they have been nipped and tampered with to bring us gals classier versions. You won’t find the regular colors like:

  • Neon orange
  • Cherry red
  • Baby pink

However, this season, you will see:

  • Berry
  • Dusty rose
  • Canary yellow

Sounds like spring, right? These are must-have colors for the spring. You will also love the trendy designs like:

  • Stripes
  • Embellishments
  • Metallic
  • Iced-up
  • Applique
  • Moon
  • Strips

More Shades to Choose From

Dolce & Gabbana brings their spring collection of 41 shades of nail polish. All are new and improved from last season. Other big trends in nail polish are glitter, but this time, although it is back, it is more glamorous – no more – thick glares. You will, instead, see lots of sparkles and shimmer, but in a delicate way. These are ideal for when you are going to attend a special event. You can get glammed up in an elegant ensemble, adding sparkle nail polish to brighten up your outfit and changing from boring to fun.

Pink Undertones

One of the most desired nail colors for women this spring is pink in all types of undertones. Your hand will appear more well-done and feminine. Rose petal and coral pink are two excellent shades of pink – very delicate too! While rose pink is nice, so is red – very captivating and seductive in its own right. Everyone will want to see your hand. Why not try the new red? Scarlet or cosmopolitan are red undertones that will make your hands irresistible to look at.

Lighter Colors

For spring, you can try lighter colors like mint, aqua or anise for a more natural look, perfect for the woman who is conservative. However, for the gal who has that dark side, chocolate and dahlia are tempting for that intense color. With the flowers blooming this spring, don’t forget lilac. You have a choice of lilac rose or violet. Naked nails in a neutral way are chic for the diva who still wants to match her skin tone. Try the pure nude, classical petal or warm caramel. These are the most interesting substitute to getting naked isn’t it?


What do you think about these new and revised nail colors for the spring? Don’t tell me that you aren’t going to try at least one! Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them below by posting your comments.