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Did you know that we all have some type of belly fat, no matter if our abdomen is flat? This is because of the deep fat inside called visceral fat, which covers organs like the heart, liver and lungs. If you were to gain a lot of weight, your body stores the excess fat in some rare places. As you get bigger and bigger, the regular areas of fat storage become so full that the fat starts to accumulate around the major organs. To maintain good health, ensure that your waist size is not more than 35 inches. If your waistline is over 35 inches, it is safe to say that you have excess visceral fat and need to reduce your belly fat. The key solution to losing belly fat is to stay active. However, other things like proper diet, sleep, and managing stress are also important.

Staying Active

You stay active through exercise. It doesn’t have to only be time spent on a treadmill the gym. It could be swimming, playing basketball or vigorous housework. For physical exercise, you could walk or jog for 20 to 30 minutes; 3 to 5 days per week. Start slow until you progress. If you walk, it has to be brisk so that you sweat and increase your heart rate. Use the incline setting on the exercise equipment at the gym and the abdominal machines that are available to you. Other exercises to consider are Zumba, yoga, walking the dog, raking leaves or gardening.

Diet Plan

When you lose weight, the fat around your stomach will usually go with it. There is no specific diet plan for losing belly fat, but one thing is sure – fiber is excellent in your diet for maintaining good health. It reduces the visceral fat and coupled with exercise, you will see results. Eat fruits and green vegetables daily. You can substitute this with a green smoothie at least 3 days per week.

Eight Hours of Sleep

Everyone needs eight hours of restful sleep. You can probably get away with six hours, but not every night. Lack of sleep can cause a gain in visceral fat. When you are well rested, it reduces the visceral fat.


Stress is a huge contributor of belly fat. It increases your cortisol level and fat accumulates around the stomach when you are not relaxed. Find ways to manage your stress. You can embrace things like daily meditation and yoga. If you have to get counseling, by all means, do so. Maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. For immediate benefit, exercise daily to blow off the steam.

Consume Fat

Eating fat can help you to burn fat. You may not believe it, but it is true. Fat doesn’t get you fat. Sugar is what you should avoid by all means. There is good fat and bad fat. Eat the good fats that include Omega 3 rich foods such as avocados, nuts and salmon.


It can also help to train your midsection by wearing a belly band to maintain good posture and keep your stomach in when you sit. Every woman wants to look good in her dress and too much belly fat doesn’t do much justice. What have you done to reduce your belly fat? Let us know by leaving your comments below.