Your faith may be the thread that is holding you together both in times of trouble and in good times. We all have something that we believe in and if you don’t believe in something, you will settle for anything. It is obvious that there is a greater power than us. This article is not about any religion or profession of right or wrong. It is about knowing that you have been created on this earth for a purpose and the faith that you have in the power greater than you – can improve your chances of fulfilling your purpose.

Strong belief

To fly high on the wings of faith is going to take strong belief and a constant hope in your inner abilities as well as help from the greater power. We all have inner strength, but many of us either don’t use it or second-guess ourselves. Have you ever hoped for something and wanted it so bad, you could sense its coming, but just couldn’t tell when? That is how faith works. You have to believe in it before you even see it. Some people do the opposite. They have to see it first to believe it. That is where most go wrong.

Keep hope alive

Never give up on the hope that something good will happen to you. Even when things don’t seem as if anything good will come of your situation, continue believing. Hope is what will sustain you and keep you motivated. You will always be looking to receive what you are hoping for. It will strengthen your faith at any sign of hope. Your hope is the link between what you desire and its accomplishment. Of course, you cannot sit and not do anything, though. You have to take some kind of action; no matter how small.

Believe in yourself

You must believe in your own abilities. You are more creative and skilled than you think that you are. We were all born with certain innate talents and gifts. Many of us don’t capitalize on these and that is where a lot of our problems lie. Many people wait around for years to see if things will ‘happen for them.’ Big mistake! Believe in yourself and take action. If you are unsure, be sure to conduct some research to see which direction to go. It is better to be prepared than not. Use the resources that are available to you, which may include family members, friends and co-workers.

Flying high

When you have discovered your talents and purpose, it gives you more reason to want to fly high on your faith. By now, you will understand what you were created to do. It will give you the kind of faith and hope that you need to fulfill your true purpose. No one will be able to persuade you otherwise. You will be confident of the path that your life has to follow.


What is your purpose? Have you yet discovered it? Do you have the faith to fulfill it? What is preventing you? Let us hear your comments below.