There are certain mistakes you can make with your hair that will make you appear older. Below are some of the things you should be mindful of – not to make that happen.

First Mistake: Straight Cut

Hair looks nicer when you cut it in layers. There is just something about it that transforms you into a younger person. When your hair is cut straight across (blunt look), it makes you look older. Layers will tend to give your hair more bounce and softens your facial features.

Second Mistake: Too Many Hair Products

Too many styling products will defeat the purpose of looking fine and fabulous. Too much gel, hairspray and mousse will only weigh down your hair, making you look older. Your hair will look stiff and lose its shine. You only need lightweight mousse to keep your hair hydrated and shine.

Third Mistake: No More Bleach Blond

Bleaching your hair is a recipe for aging. When the hair is over bleached, it looks washed out, conflicting with your complexion and having the appearance of graying. You don’t have to go completely blond. Use a dark colored base and blond strands throughout the hair. Highlights are not bad, but use a color to match your skin tone. You can either dye the hair yourself or have a professional stylist do it for you. Remember that bleached hair needs a lot of deep conditioning to maintain its luster.

Fourth Mistake: Split Ends

As you age, you hair tends to lose its pigment and moisture. This creates a lot of split ends, which frazzles out and makes you look ten times older. So it is best to keep your hair shampooed at least once per week with a deep conditioning after the shampoo. Trim your split ends often.

Fifth Mistake: Darken Your Hair Color

If your skin tone is fair, you might want to opt out of darker colored hair. Your hair tends to look as if it is thinning and that type of hair could add shadows on your face, making lines and wrinkles more noticeable. What you could do is to add some highlights in your hair around the facial area and towards the back of the head. It will add softness to your features and look more natural. Try not to dye your hair as it was when you were a teenager. Go a shade lighter to maintain your age, but still look fabulous and fierce.

Sixth Mistake: Too Straight For A Curl

If you are wearing a limp hairstyle, it elongates your facial expression and makes your face appear drawn. Additionally, if your hair has natural waves or curls and you try to straighten it, your hair will be left dull and dry and limp. You should opt for longer layers. Make sure you use a light mousse before blow drying your hair. To soften your curls and add volume to the hair, use a round brush.


Your hair is one of your most treasured assets as a woman and you should take measures to maintain its luster. It is important to keep you looking young and elegant. Let us hear what you have to say about this topic.