Did you know that the largest organ related to your body is the skin? Did you know also that your skin is accountable for a quarter of your body’s detoxification each day? To help the skin with the detoxification process, the easiest, simplest and most affordable way is to dry brush the skin. What is dry brushing, you may be asking? Glad you are as curious as I was.

What is Dry Skin Brushing?

It is similar to the exfoliation process. This process is kind of like a spa treatment of the skin. It is a technique used to maintain the health of the skin and body. For smoother, softer and beautiful skin, you should try dry skin brushing. This method is ideal for those individuals who have flaky, oily, dry or even normal skin. Dry skin brushing has a wide range of positive impact on the skin, getting rid of dead skin. It is also great for protecting your internal health and the overall appearance of the skin, making it a pleasurable part of your daily skin regimen. For fresh and younger looking skin, the items needed for dry skin brushing are:

  • Bristled brush
  • Textured wash cloth
  • Loofah pad

It might seem unpleasant to think of a dry brush being used on your soft skin. However, it is actually a soothing experience, when it is properly done. This is an old method – used centuries ago to help with the body’s circulation. It aids the body to eliminate excess toxins through the skin’s pores. Additionally, it also acts as a stimulant to the lymphatic system, which is where the detoxification process starts.


Cellulite is a major concern for many women. When fatty tissue is stored under the skin, it becomes toxic and more often than not, cellulite is the culprit. If you suffer from cellulite and would like to minimize its appearance on the thighs or buttocks, dry skin brushing is the ideal method. While, it may not be able to completely get rid of skin dimples, it does help to reduce problem areas and make them not as noticeable. Dry skin brushing will help to remove the toxic waste and help women to fight against cellulite while also aiding in weight loss. How does it help with weight loss? The process tones the muscles in the skin, spacing fat cells within the body.

The Immune System

Dry skin brushing is also a way to boost the immune system. When you use this process to stimulate the lymphatic system, it in turn, allows for toxin excretion, making for a better functioning immune system. Another way that it helps the immune system is the way that it stimulates the flow of blood to the skin’s surface.

Here are the items needed and the method explained:

  • Purchase a bristle brush, but be sure that it is made of natural fibers. Avoid synthetic fibers because it is harsher on the skin.
  • Prior to entering the shower, dry brush your skin because the skin cannot be wet for this process.
  • Start with the feet, vigorously brushing in a circular motion and then graduate to the ankles, calves, thighs, stomach, arms and then the hands. Brush carefully in sensitive areas of the skin. Don’t brush the face.
  • Get in the shower now and watch all the dead skin cells wash off with warm water. For help in circulating the blood, spray the body with a cold water spritzer and then dry with a clean towel.
  • Complete the process by applying a moisturizer that is oil-based such as olive or coconut oil.


If you suffer from hypertension and diabetes, you should not use this method. Check with your doctor first. Dry brush your skin at least once a week, if not more. You will see better results. Let us know what you think about this process by leaving your comments below.