When we hear the term ‘hairstylists,’ our first impression is to think about something magical and different. Your hairstylist should be someone that understands different types of hair. When he or she touches your hair, there should be a transformation. You need someone who knows how to have fun when it comes to hair. However, you can transform your own hair, if you get to understand your own hair type and how to style it.


Going to a party?

OK, let’s say you are going to a party and don’t have time to hit the hair salon. What do you do? Well, what about an updo or bun? However, for this hairstyle, you need to create volume prior to styling. Part your freshly shampooed and conditioned hair in sections using hot rollers. Allow them to cool and then after removing the hot rollers, brush hair gently. Use a fine tooth comb to do some teasing of the hair at the crown; after which, you would spritz the roots. Use a lightweight hairspray to hold it.

Now brush the sides of the hair and put up into a ponytail; sweeping the teased portion back into place. Twist the ponytail into a chignon, using bobby pins to anchor it. Leave the hair ends out at the top of the head. Tuck away any stray hair that may be hanging down. Use a hair sheen spray to tame and add shine to the hair. Now you are ready to party!

Bangs can alter your look

If you want a more refined or organized hairstyle, but you are not willing to chop off your mane, why not just get long bangs that are swept to the side. They pleasantly frame your face and give you a sophisticated style—even if you are just wearing a ponytail.

Wild and crazy curls

You can have gorgeous ringlets if you add highlights to them. Use a diffuser to enhance the curls without having all of the frizziness or you can pull your curls back from the face to add volume without disturbing the shape of the curls.

Create volume with Velcro rollers

After blow drying your hair and while the hair is still warm, you should section two-inch parts of hair and wrap it in 3 inch Velcro rollers. After 10 minutes, the hair will cool and that is when you take out the Velcro rollers. Your hair will be bouncy and flattering.

Fake it until you make it

Clip-on extensions can save the day. Don’t be afraid to use them. They can make your hair look fabulous and natural. You can use them to add some length and body to your hair. They are easy to put in and easy to take out.


Never fear making changes to your hairdo, especially when you are aging because you need all the help you can get to remain youthful. Tell us what you think about using extensions, wearing an updo and creating spiral curls. We want to hear what you think too.