Many women struggle with weight loss and sometimes, it might get very frustrating when results are not seen. However, you must understand what it takes to get a leaner physique and that is when you will see results.


Protein is very essential to fat loss. You should make sure that some protein is included in every single meal. It will keep you burning fat and make you feel full. It is also ideal for your health. The body works harder to break down protein and utilizes more calories as well to give you a higher energy boost to burn unwanted calories. If you want to achieve a leaner and healthier physique, you should realize that, although, exercise is important, what you eat and when you eat plays an integral part in the results.

Maintaining Energy Balance

Balancing your energy is a primary component of fat loss, which means that you balance your caloric intake each day as well as the amount of calories you use. If your caloric intake is more than what you use each day, your body fat will increase. However, if your caloric intake is less than what you use, you will lose body fat. Too much body fuel will be stored as fat. Less fuel (calories) forces the body to find other means of energy, which would be the fat you have already stored and this results in fat loss and a leaner body. You should always know how many calories you are consuming and expending each day.


If you are looking for a leaner body, choose one muscle group and work on it for at least three days consistently and then begin on another muscle group. For example, if you are not pleased with your abs, do multiple reps of sit ups, crunches and planks for twenty minutes. You will feel the burn and see the difference!

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