Do you regularly clean your makeup brushes? If you do keep them clean, then how often? It is not cool to still keep your makeup brushes dirty even after using them for a while. It transfers germs and bacteria onto your skin every time that you apply makeup with those brushes. This can be avoided by washing your makeup brushes regularly to eliminate residue buildup. In addition, when you wash your makeup brushes, they operate better, feeling and working as good as new. Never overlook this one essential thing. Remember, you invested in those brushes, so it is your responsibility to keep them clean because if not, they will continue to be a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. With several methods of washing, you can attempt to keep your brushes clean each week. With regular cleaning, you will be able to remove:

  • Dead skin cells
  • Oils
  • Debris and bacteria
  • Residue and dirt
  • Old makeup

When the brushes are cleaned, they become softer, suppler and not so itchy on the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you clean your makeup brush once each week, it is sufficient to maintain its lifespan. Make sure you wash them at night so that you have enough drying time to use them the next day. You can also wash them as soon as you finishing applying your makeup and then put them out to dry. Allow for enough drying time before using again. Remember that your makeup brushes are not cheap, especially if you invested in a set of quality brushes. You want to keep them in pristine condition at all times. You have the option to buy a makeup brush cleaner, but why do that when there are tools around your house that you can use?

Bar of Soap

Select a plain bar of soap that has no added substances that could linger on the makeup brushes after washing. Wet the soap using warm water and put everything inside a bowl. Massage the brush to get out the dirt and then rinse with warm water. Now wipe with a paper towel. Be sure to keep the brush barrel dry or the bristles could fall out.

Dishwashing Liquid Soap

You can also scrub your makeup brushes with liquid dishwashing liquid and a clean sponge. Put the dishwashing liquid on the sponge and use it to rub the brush. Rinse with warm water and then wipe the brush with a dry towel. This will remove any debris left over. Lay the brushes down flat to dry.

Olive Oil

You can use olive oil to clean and condition your makeup brushes. It is excellent too for cleaning your smaller makeup brushes. You can immerse the brushes into a bowl of olive oil. After that, you can rub the brushes against a towel or sponge and watch the residue fall off.


After cleaning the actual brushes, it is now time to clean the handle, which also is filled with bacteria and germs. This is easy to do if you have rubbing alcohol. Just pour it on the handle and clean off with a paper towel. This is a great way to disinfect your makeup brush handles. Do you have any other suggestions for cleaning your makeup brushes or handles? Share them with our audience by leaving your comments below.