The trendiest eyelid is the cat eye. It is sultry, and adds sex appeal to your facial features, but easy to mess up, if you don’t know what you are doing. The key to flawlessly lined eyelids is not only in how you apply it. It is how you balance it out. To look your best, choose one feature that you want to highlight. If you want to make a statement with bold lips, then you need to tone down the eyes. The same is true when you wear a cat eye – tone down the rest of your makeup.

Getting started

Using a fluffy brush, you should put on a neutral eye shadow right across the eyelid. Next, you need to put on a light colored highlighter under the eyebrow. Make sure you spread it out toward the edge of the eyes. Put on a little darker matte eye shadow right across the outer crease of the eyes. Make sure all of this is well blended.

You are going to dot the eye lash line with the use of a liquid pen applicator. If you are new at this, gel will give you more control. Trace a small line extending past the upper eye lash line toward the end of the eye brow. For a good finish, do this again. On the lower eyelid, trace a line from the crease of the eyes to the outer eye. Finish off by adding several coats of mascara to the eye lashes and apply eye brow filler. Doing so will frame the face well.


To get flawlessly lined eyelids, it is best not to trace the line too much to the inner corner of the eyes unless you have large eyes. For smaller and closely defined eyes, you can trace to the inner corners of the eyes to make your eyes look even smaller. Most women need to fade out the eyeliner approximately three quarters distance across the eye.

Because the lower eye lash line needs more definition, it is best to work on this area carefully to bring more attention to the eyes. It will make you stand out. Rihanna loves to wear lined eyelids or cat eyes. You can copy her look and trace the line on the lower lash about a half inch out and up to the outer corner of the eye.

If you are looking to make close-set eyes look balanced, it is ideal to extend the outer corner of the eyes. Don’t use brown mascara. Instead, use black, which will make the eyes pop and stand out more. The mascara helps to hide any eye shadow that may drift from the eye lids. When applying the mascara, be sure it reaches the base of the lashes and the tips. Get as close as possible to the eye lash line for thicker lashes as well as longer lashes. This produces the impression of more depth. Be sure that you put on two coats of mascara in a similar way to the bottom of your lashes.


Are you satisfied with your new look? Do you get compliments on it? Let us know if you have any additional tips for our visitors when it comes to flawlessly lined eyelids. We would love to read your comment.