Today it’s all about YOUR questions ladies! So many of you have posted some GREAT questions in my comments sections, so I’m compiling a TON of them and releasing the answers in this (and many more!) upcoming videos. We’re talking the BEST Vitamin C Serums, and I’m answering a few questions about my PERSONAL LIFE (are you SURE you’re ready for this? haha!) I hope you enjoy the video, and as always PLEASE share, like and SUBSCRIBE! XOXO Sharon

THE QUESTIONS: Which Cost Effective Vitamin C Serum Should I Use?

Here are two GREAT Vitamin C recommendations. They’re not REAL cheap, but as you know I always recommend the highest quality products. You can get these at almost HALF PRICE by purchasing them from some of the Top EBAY sellers online as I suggest in the video. Skinceuticals Vitamin C: Cellex-C:

What was your motivation to get started in your career, and what about your life in general is the toughest/best thing that’s happened to you?

I can’t believe you’re so young having a GREAT granddaughter! How many children and grandchildren do you have?



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