Many of us are never satisfied with how our bodies look. Like you, I feel the same every time I look in the mirror. Even if I have lost weight, I seem to always find something wrong. It is a human thing – sorry – a female thing that all of us go through. So don’t feel bad. In most cases, this is more of an emotional issue than a physical one. You need to renew your mind completely. You need to first accept the things that you cannot change and change the things you can. So how can you do this?

Mostly all women are not pleased with their body image. They don’t like their nose, their mouth, their feet or their body weight. Some ask questions like why do I have to be so tall, why do I have to be so short or why can’t I look like this or that…? These are all negative emotions. You need to love and appreciate your body.


If you are overweight, why not join up with a colleague and start walking every day or get a personal fitness trainer to help you lose the weight. If you keep looking in the mirror without doing anything about it, you are going to see the same thing. Even one pound of weight loss can give you the confidence you need to continue exercising to lose more.

Embrace the fact that we all have flaws. Cindy Crawford, for example, has a mole on her face. Did she allow that to impede her progress to become a reputable super model? No! She used it as her own brand or trademark. When you accept your flaws, you become less conscious of what others think.

Go shopping – this can be fun to shop for things that you have always wanted to wear. Putting on a new and glamorous outfit can improve your self-confidence. Allow yourself to splurge once in a while and be pampered. Being tall or plus-size is not a bad thing. There is always something beautiful in the store for every shape and size.

Be grateful for your very existence. Some people are riding around in a wheel chair, have lost one of their limbs, have become blind or cannot speak. You may have all of those things and yet you complain. Give gratitude for who you are and what you see in the mirror.

Your uniqueness

You are unique and not like everyone else. You should be happy for that alone. What if you are overweight? What if you are tall? While you cannot reduce your height, you can walk off your weight. Change your eating habits. Start eating healthy and nutritious foods. Start saying positive affirmations about yourself. “I look good. I am gorgeous. I am smart. I am lovable. I can do anything I set my mind to.”


Find out what emotional barriers are getting in the way of your progressive change. Once you find this out, you will be able to move forward successfully. Let us hear what is going through your mind. Your comments are valuable.