The world is a stage and we are the actors. If you want to experience personal freedom, self-image is vitally important. How others see you is also important. Your self-image will continue to change as long as you are interested in self-development and improvement. You should always try to improve yourself throughout your lifetime. Don’t settle for where you find yourself right now. The sky is the limit. You should always be growing and improving every day.

As you begin to improve your self-image, you will have renewed confidence and you will also expand your goals, dreams, desires and aspirations. A winning self-image will create positivity and give you a new outlook on your life. It will be as if you experienced a rebirth and have been chosen for a new scene with your very own script. You can act out the script or put it down and have dust settle on it. If you do the latter, then your self-image will be ruined and you will have no desire to grow.

There are times when we often are hard on ourselves and our self-confidence may have taken a giant hit. These are the times when we feel as if we have nothing to offer on the world stage. It could be that we just haven’t discovered our true potential or we haven’t considered or thought about how we can improve. Then it is time to do some exploring. Learn exactly what your purpose is on this earth. Discover what talents and gifts you have to offer, take the risk through trial and error and if you fail, try again. It is that simple.

Treat your self-image as you would any skill – improving it in time and with practice. You can develop a positive self-esteem and an attitude of confidence. Doing so will enhance your self-image. Respect yourself and what you have to offer and others will do the same. People will appreciate your value, but the work starts with you first.

How to begin

Work from the inside out while placing emphasis on altering your thought process from negative to positive. This will help to build up your self-esteem. Positive thinking accomplishes different things. You change any preconceived notions that weren’t working before. You can set practical and realistic goals for yourself. You can eliminate all internal barriers. You can choose to accept yourself and learn to accept others.

Think positively

If you are the kind of person that dissects the negative first and quick to criticize yourself, it is time to change your way of thinking. Focus more on your strengths and use your weaknesses as a stepping stone for further self-development. Take positive approaches to everything that you do. Pause before you think negative thoughts about yourself. Remind yourself how special and useful you are to society. You were born for a specific reason and you always need to keep this in mind and let it permeate from your being so that anyone you encounter can immediately realize your uniqueness.


Your self-image is important to your success in life. What are you doing to improve yourself? Are you limiting your potential? Let us hear your comments. Share how you overcame limited thoughts and low self-esteem.