Makeup is something that fades as our day goes on and on – do you find that ladies?  Do you have a problem keeping your makeup super fresh and looks amazing all day?  Don’t worry, I’ve got the top tips to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, no matter what you are out in!  The key to making your makeup last all day is all about the canvas that it is going on, which means that you’ve got to keep your skin beautiful and your pores unclogged!

Oil-Blotting Sheets

By far, one of the top ways to keep your makeup fresh and to make it last all day is to use some amazing oil blotting sheets throughout the day, so that you can soak up some of the oil that you have in your skin and take away some of that shine that you’ll no-doubt have.  Oil is something that everyone has on their skin, but oil-blotting sheets is a great way to get rid of it and it’s super easy!

Makeup Primer

A lot of women don’t know anything about makeup primer!  Girlfriends, makeup primer is the best way to keep your makeup from smearing and to make sure that it looks absolutely beautiful all day!  Urban Decay is one of the top makeup primers out there, but there are some great options right at your local drug store!  Give it a try and you’ll see a huge difference in how long your makeup stays on!


Moisturized Skin

Remember when I said that it matters how your skin feels and how moisturized it is and that’s how long your makeup will stay on?  Well, you’ve got to have some amazingly moisturized skin in order to really make your makeup stick and have it look beautiful!  A lightweight moisturizer should do the trick, but keep in mind the changing seasons!


Invest in a Great Powder

Finally, the powder is the last thing that you put onto your skin, which means that you’ve got to invest in an amazing powder.  That way, you know that the powder is going to stick and that it is going to look flawless all day.  A loose powder is generally fantastic for oily skin, while a compressed powder works fantastic for non-oily skin!


So girlfriends, these are just a couple of my top makeup tips to keep your makeup on all day!  Do you have any more that you use?  How do you keep your makeup in place all day?  Share your secrets with me!