If you are aging, you may have noticed some gradual fine lines and wrinkles on your face. This doesn’t mean that you should just give up and not do anything to look 10 years younger. Better yet, you don’t even need plastic surgery. Oh, yes? Cosmetic surgery is sometimes over-rated. Of course, it has its place, but if you are not one to go under the knife, there are other ways to look younger. Let me caution you before reading further – these suggestions may not be the easy way out. These options may be a process, but they are mostly natural ways of plunging into the fountain of youth.

Laser Treatment

If you have sun damage to your skin, you may notice loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmented discoloration to the skin. Your skin might appear lumpy and rough. Fraxel Dual Laser is one of the treatments that you can try to get rid of all of these including brown spots and uneven skin texture. Two instances of these treatments can get you started on your way to better and younger looking skin.


If you have dynamic skin lines, Botox is highly recommended. It also eliminates crow’s feet, chin wrinkles and worry lines. Of course, you will have to use these fillers frequently since the crow’s feet and all that creasing of the skin will come back. What Botox does is to stall or freeze the muscles so they won’t move. That’s why you find women who do get Botox might look like little robots, especially when they are not accustomed to it. Botox stops the creasing of the skin, but has to be done every three to five months. But it is a great muscle stopper!


You can try injections, which is a non-invasive face lift called Trifecta. In fact, this takes little time. It is an outpatient procedure that makes gals look up to ten years younger. With the procedure, fillers are injected into the cheekbone, creating volume to lift the skin off the cheeks. It is similar to re-draping a window or a shirt onto a clothes hanger. Botox falls under this category, but so does hyaluronic acid and Radiesse. The outcome is similar because it smoothen wrinkles and tighten sagging skin.


If you are looking for facial plastic surgery without the knife, you should take a second look or a first look, if you haven’t already, on Thermage. For the younger gal, it can be compared to a mini-face lift. If you fall into the older age class, then it is an easier substitute to a full face lift. Thermage is a treatment that uses radio frequency. Heat is applied to tighten the skin and stimulate the production of collagen.

See an Aesthetician

Prior to calling a plastic surgeon, you need to see an aesthetician first. Your face will be cleaned and the dead skin cells will be removed, which is one reason why the skin appears old anyway. With the help of an aesthetician, your skin’s younger texture will return. You may have to take several spa treatments each year to see the difference.


The last resort is to dress with a young mind. Wear clothes that are on the edge (between young and old). Don’t’ settle for anything too snug or revealing, but not baggy either. What do you think? Leave your comments.