It is evident that true happiness comes from within when you love yourself. In fact, who can love you – more than YOU? Not loving yourself can result in bad relationships, bad career choices and problems in the future. A lot of us tend to neglect ourselves and instead, concentrate on taking care of those around us. But, you have to care for YOU first. Unfortunately, it is when we have broken relationships and bad health that we realize that we have been forgotten in the mix of taking care of others.

Here are some tips that will help to teach and advice how you should love yourself as you are busy loving others

#1 Advice – Have no fear in following your passion and purpose

Once you fall in love with self, you will know and detect your true purpose because you have spent time with YOU – to get to understand what you were created for. You will act upon that revelation and not be afraid to move forward.

#2 Advice – Don’t Look at Your Wants. Let your NEEDS propel you.

It is important to focus on your needs. This means creating goals that you need to reach in order to be successful. Wants should not dictate your life because these are things you can probably do without and they can be detrimental to your needs.

#3 Advice – Nurture Your Mind, Body and Soul.

It is ideal to nurture your whole body and that includes your mind and soul. This means you should eat nutritious food, rest as much as possible and exercise or indulge in enjoyable activities.

#4 Advice – Be Self-Confident

Self-confidence is something that requires time to build. Invest in yourself by spending time to build your self-confidence and self-esteem. Do things that motivate you emotionally, physically and monetarily. Set the necessary boundaries for the people around you so that you can earn the respect you deserve. Never be afraid to tell someone ‘no.’

#5 Advice – Get Rid of Negative People

The worst thing you can do is to have negative people in your life, even if these are family members. You should have no room for them especially the ones who disrespect your boundaries.

#6 Advice – Healing Your Heart

All of us have different times in our life that we go through painful situations. Take time to get over it. If you are carrying anger around, for example, it is time to forgive. If you are anxious about anything, it is time to show more gratitude to put it into perspective. Seek counseling if all else fails.

#7 Advice – Live in the Moment

The only thing you are sure of is –NOW! So live in the moment. Don’t worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. In fact, tomorrow brings its own troubles. So focus on the moment.


Speak positive things all of the time. If you practice this and the other steps shown above, you will be able to attract enough love for yourself and others. Tell us what you think by leaving your comment below.