Have you ever thought about why there are some people who gather wealth easily? Why is there the ‘haves and have nots?’ How come you are not in that category? Well, abundance comes to those who have developed positive thinking, but also have made an effort to work hard and not allow failure to keep them down.

There is a lot of abundance for you if you want to learn how you can acquire it. You have to maintain a positive vibration and take on a ‘can do’ attitude at all times. Money is only a tool. Some people think it is more than that, but if you don’t know how to get it and control it, you will always be in need. Let us discuss how to acquire money vibration today!

It is Only an Expression

Again, money is a tool, a resource and an expression of the energy that you bring to the Universe each day. If you don’t take care of the little that you have, it will leave your hands as fast as it came. If you are not consciously aware of money, it reflects that you don’t view it as an expression of wealth, but one of want. So only when you want it – that’s when will you receive it. It is very important to assert the right energy when you are gaining or spending money. Smile when you pay the bills and be grateful that you, at least, have the money to pay those bills. In other words, stop complaining or being worried about bills. When you pay your mortgage each month, do so with gratitude that you have a home to live in. The same is true for your electric bill. Give thanks for having lighting. When you are paid from your job, be thankful that you have a job.

Control your Thoughts and Words

Always be aware of what you are saying and thinking. If you speak something negative about the lack of money, for example or act like you are in wants, then that is the vibration you will receive. Your actions come from your words and thoughts. So be careful. Be in control at all times. Develop an attitude of not complaining about anything. Sometimes, how you speak is so subtlety negative that you don’t even notice it. You might have to catch yourself saying, “I am broke.” Instead, you should say “I am in between pay checks.” To protect yourself from those negative vibes, you should get into the habit of repeating positive affirmations.

Your Health Comes First

Some people spend time trying to make the ‘almighty dollar,’ while their health is suffering. Pay attention to your health first. The wealth will come after. Include exercise into your daily routine. Make it a lifestyle. Health brings confidence, which eventual gives you the passion to pursue your dreams. Your dreams realized will allow money to flow into your life.


Life is what you make it. You are in control of your own destiny and this includes your finances. Be positive and positive things will come to you. Let us know what you think. Leave your comments below.