When you get over the age of 40, it becomes obvious that the area under your eyes start showing off every bit of sleep that you did not receive in past years. Under the eye is also where you will find wrinkles and lines appear first. However, there is good news for aging women. A new arsenal called Le Métier de Beauté Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo will do wonders for under eye care. You will get a deep hydration from this mask within fifteen minutes of application. Even more amazing – there is absolutely no mess made and you can use it over your make-up.

The envelope comes sealed with the masks. There are two trays that keep the thick u-shaped gels and they are packed with seaweed moisturizing ingredients. The gel patches are shaped perfectly like the area under your eyes.  It even spreads to the cheeks where crow’s feet migrate. The soft gel patches cling to your skin in a self-adhesive fashion.

How to apply

Clean your face first by washing and drying. Put the patches under the eye and leave them there for fifteen minutes. Upon application, you will feel a cool and soothing sensation. You can also use the patch without cleansing the skin since it can be used over make-up. You can use these gel patches when on the go; even at work. Your eyes will be freshened and it will make you look rested. Slip them off when you get to your destination.

These are temporary solutions, though and can only be used for specific occasions. However, when you are in between your Botox treatment, this is the ideal solution because it is so easy and takes little time.

You can purchase one packet, which contains about eight duos and these are sold for $150. Always keep a packet with you for times when you just want to take some years off of your age and at the same time look the best you can.

Purchasing Le Métier de Beauté

If you plan to purchase this product, you can find it at any Neiman Marcus counter or you can go online to the company’s website. There are many products like this, but most of them don’t deliver as this one does. Some have been created in a marketing devising session and some are from proven science.

I am sure that you have tried many of them. However, you only have two eyes and so narrow down your options to make them fewer. I have discovered something that works and highly recommend it to my readers. So go out and grab a packet to try!