Could you be unhappy because of your ego? Pride can cause you to act certain ways that jeopardizes your happiness. Did you know that? Your ego can be one of the most damaging physiognomies in your life. It can actually set you back. It can destroy relationships and any potential of success. While your ego is supposed to protect you, if used precariously, it can cause you a lot of harm. So you have to understand your personality and use humility in cases where you ego wants to rear its ugly head.

Understanding Your Ego

It is best to know how your ego works. You also need to know when to display it. If used selfishly, it will not serve you wisely. When you feel stuffed with pride, it is recommended that you try and find some balance in your life. You don’t have to suppress it since it does well in specific situations. You must know how to use it positively. Don’t allow it to take over your life negatively or you won’t feel fulfilled or happy. Here are some ways to tell when your ego is sabotaging your life and what to do about it.

#1 Way – You are always feeding your ego with insufficiency. Nothing is sufficient for you. You are never satisfied, but always wanting more. Even if you don’t really need anything more, your ego will crave for more. When you see this happening, place emphasis on the things you have and not on what you think is lacking.

#2 Way – You are always defensive and react to certain situations without listening. You have to be the one who wins in an argument.  You have to have the last word and prove that you are right, even if you are wrong. You may be narrow-minded and easy to negatively pass judgment on others. Instead of doing this, why not try to find the good in others and listen to their opinions rather than to shoot it down? The most important thing than holding on to your point of view is being happy. Choose happiness.

#3 Way – Stress overwhelms you. You are one of those people who are easily worried about stuff, especially if they don’t go your way. You are always fearful of the worst. Your ego goes into a survival approach to problems. So you feel like a victim and feel as if you must be defensive. However, it is better to place emphasis on being brave and not fearful. Live your life passionately and with a purpose.

#4 Way – Fun and laughter is no longer part of your daily regimen. When was the last time, you let go of your ego and just had a darn good laugh? It is the best medicine for us all. Don’t always be serious because of the stresses of life. You should find time to ‘let down your hair.’

#5 Way – You don’t like to be seen as a loser. You are very competitive and your ego loves attention. As long as this is healthy attention, then go for it, but to be happy, you should see the bigger picture.


These tips should show you how to discipline that ego of yours. Learn about your ego and don’t let it pull you in the direction of unhappiness. Let us know what you think about this topic by leaving your comments below.