Wealthy individuals think and see things differently than others. They usually are able to discover flaws or prospects and connect the dots. The wealthy person knows how to be detailed and usually see the big picture before anyone else does. They are able to move forward when necessary or revisit the past and use information for future prospecting. The person who desires a wealthy mindset will take advantage of innovation while not being concerned about the risk. It is a chance that you get to benefit from the thinking skills and creativeness of the wealthy person, even if it means arriving at a new perception on a problem. At least, you would have tried.

If you want to change the world you live in or unleash your potential, you won’t get hurt trying to leverage the thought pattern of the wealthy. Here are several ways to do just that:

Priority: You should add important things on your priority list. Find out if it is worth your time before tackling anything.

Make good decisions: This is probably the most challenging. If you can’t make appropriate decisions on your own, ask for help. Ask yourself questions and find the best answers. Work with cause and effect. Don’t make assumptions. Do your research and assess everything. Don’t make decisions from an emotional standpoint.

Eliminate ego: Yes, sometimes, your ego can get in the way of our progress. Look at problems from different angles. Don’t focus too much on whether you are right or not. Focus more on the solution. Don’t take anything personal.

How to look at the problem: Choose the specific things that you will focus on – just so you can get a better perspective. Define your target customer, their needs and demands. Find out what is going on in the market and industry. Stay abreast of technology and use it as much as needed. Share the problem with others in your close group and listen to different solutions before making a decision.

Expert advice: Get expert advice when you are uncertain. Look at the glass as if it is half full and not half empty. Become the devil’s advocate to see how others see things. Seek the help of your peers in the industry. Put together a focus group to review the problem and give their honest opinion.

Visualize: Sketch your ideas and imagine how you will carry them out. Visualize the outcome. Turn a problem into a model so that when you find the solution, it can be used again to solve the same problem.

Access your think tank: Like the wealthy, you should have a systematic mind. You will be able to see a problem as if it were a system. You will formulate ways and strategies of how things work and the flow of the system.


How do you think the wealthy achieved their success; other than getting a trust fund? Most of them have to work hard to succeed. What are you doing to develop a wealthy mindset? Let us hear your comments.