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Do you have the courage to try one of the most favorite lipstick color trends – the daring orange lipstick! Your lipstick selection that you make can either make you look better or conflict with your outfit. It is a safe thing to say that by now, you are old enough to try different lipsticks. Of course, I know the bolder colors might seem intimidating to you, but it is simple to rock a new look that matches your skin tone or just go drab.

Below are some tips that will help you to get out of your cocoon or shell.

Going on the town at night – Try the luxe formula with its hint of pink-y color. When you apply this lipstick, it looks like the color of cantaloupe; very subtle orange.

For a lasting effect – If you have dry lips, be sure to consistently use a lip moisturizer. An excellent way to maintain a flawless pout is to remove all your lipstick and reapply as necessary. If you are a busy gal, use a tangerine stain that is sheer and glossy.

Did you know that orange lipstick makes you look refreshed and young? In a lot of these cases, it can give you a natural look. Don’t be scared in trying orange. All you need is a little confidence and the appropriate shade.

Sensuous and glitzy, all shades of orange lipstick have become a sexy substitute to the anticipated red. It suits every complexion so think about giving it a try when you go on your next posh jamboree. During the holidays, you will find most gals wearing red lipstick. Usually, they will steal the attention with their puckered red lips. The same is true for orange lipsticks, which you can couple with smoky eyes and a little color on the cheeks.

Match Your Skin Tone

Just like there is a special red lipstick for different complexions, it is the same with orange. When buying orange shade, be sure to consider your eye color, hair color and skin color. If you have fair hair, you should choose a brighter shade. If you have tan or medium skin color, choose something with a reddish undertone or apricot. For darker skin, you are the one who can experiment the most. If you have dark skin, use a tangerine color or try something with a little gold in it. If you have fair skin, use orange that is tomato colored.

Different Finishes

You must also choose the different finishes, but it depends on the kind of look that you are going for. Choose one of these three:

Glossy: there is nothing that gives you a perkier lip than some sheen. It will give you sparkly lips for the holidays and other occasions. You can control the luster and color by putting on matte lipstick along with a lip gloss.

Creamy: satin lipstick is creamy and easy to apply. It is different from the matte lipstick because you maintain the moisture for much longer.

Matted: matte lipstick is rich, but may not work as well with thin or smaller lips. Put on a primer prior to applying your orange lipstick.


Before you wear orange lipsticks, whiten the teeth if necessary because the color highlights your smile. We would love to hear what you think. Leave your comments below.