There is a lot of debate on whether it is better to have laser surgery or a facelift done? However, there is no one answer since there are several factors to be considered. It is best to see a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. If your skin lacks elasticity with severe sagging and you have lost the volume in your skin or seen textural changes, you may want to do a facelift, but you may also need laser surgery as well. It will usually depend on the condition of the skin, sun damage and the thickness in your skin; among other things. Aging gracefully may mean that you have to address the issue of anti-aging measures. It can be quite tricky to decide what to use, but starting with your skin’s condition is best recommended. These days, women have more options available to them instead of just surgery. For some women, it is best to use more than one approach, incorporating different methods to rejuvenate the skin.

Mature Skin

If your skin is mature and has experienced sun damage and has no laxity, you may need laser done. Mature skin has less collagen and elastin, which causes deep lines and wrinkles to form. Some women as early as their 30s, with a lot of exposure to the sun, a lot of stress on the job or from their lifestyle choice may see mild lines and wrinkles. These women can use laser on the skin, helping to improve the skin’s tone and texture.


You can have non-ablative laser done that doesn’t damage the outer skin layer or you can have ablative laser done that controls damage to the outer skin layer. There is also fractionated laser that helps to reverse the signs of textural problems, sun damage and fine lines. The procedure creates small holes in the skin using fractionated energy beam. The process is safe and is done to create new collagen in the skin and repairing any damage. With the new collagen, you will have smoother skin, results seen over the course of a few months. Ablative laser will provide the most noticeable effect, but you can experience change in skin pigment and scarring. Choose laser only if you want to correct skin texture, remove discoloration and fine lines.


Facelift helps to repair wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin. This is especially true of the area surrounding the jawline and neck. Laser and fillers do work, but in some cases can leave the skin with a waxy appearance. Additionally, you may have to do other surgeries to correct some areas of the skin. For betters results and if your skin shows a lot of laxity, you may have to do surgery combined with laser. The ligament in your skin will stretch out as you age, causing sagging skin. Many women lose their confidence and will only consider a facelift. During the facelift, the surgeon will add skin grafts to patients whose face has serious volume deficiency. Facelifts will correct sagging and loose skin as well as reposition muscles, fat and tissue.


Aging is unavoidable. However, it is important to take care of your skin, making sure you use regular sunscreen when you are younger and possible a prescribed retinoid as you get older. The best solution is early invention. Let us know if you have any additional tips. Leave your comments below.