In life, we no longer depend on our Intelligence Quotient as we did in middle school or high school, but as we get older, we have to be more dependent on our Failure Quotient instead. When you have a high Failure Quotient, it is likely that you will succeed. This is one of the factors that successful people have in common. As humans, we are not familiar with associating failure to success. When we consider high achievers; whether they are celebrity athletes or well-known politicians or even famous entrepreneurs, we generally consider them as being in a different world from us.

However, high achievers like Michael Jordan are renowned and recognized for one thing and that is the ability to go beyond the call of duty when his team needs him. When others are in the process of throwing in the towel at seeing 28 seconds on the clock and the other team leading by 5 points, Michael Jordan will dig deep inside and gather all of his innate courage and abilities to come through for his team. Do you think this is something that you too can do? Of course, you can. We all have it in us!

Achieving success may seem like a distant goal, but if you are prepared to be knocked around a little as you establish your goals and set out to achieve them, you will reap the benefits of your efforts as well as a strong mindset in the process. Fear prevents you from advancing and making impactful decisions. Most people have a fear of failure; not knowing that we all have to fail in order to get to our future goals. Some people are so afraid of failure that they attempt to do things overcautiously. Instead, you should learn how and when to take advantage of opportunities. View your failure as an opportunity to learn something new and to become aware of ‘what not to do’ in the future.

Failing prevents some people from speaking up when they should. They will overthink their response and before you know it, the opportunity would have passed. A well-spoken interaction may be the spark needed to solve problems and increase creativity. If you don’t do anything out of fear, you will get the same result – nothing!

Fear of failure results in less growth when it comes to your personal and professional life. Do you see now that fear is life’s tutor? In fact, it is one of the best teachers of career and personal growth.


The only way you can make sound decisions is to first make bad decisions that will lead to experience and better decisions. So don’t worry about failing. It is a stepping stone to success and if you do want to succeed, you have to fail in order to grow. I know you must have had your own failures in life. What did you do about it? Did you let it get you down? Or did you pick yourself up and try again? Share your story with us below.