Many women don’t realize that every night when going to bed, they need to change the position of their faces on their pillows. Why? Well, I have found that out the hard way. Wrinkles are more prominent when you sleep the same side every night. I call it ‘sleep wrinkles.’ The skin develops a crease on one side of the face and seems to be etched into the skin over time.  When I reached the age of 50 is when I began seeing this happen to me as I stood in the mirror. I was seeing vertical lines being formed below my eyes and on my chest. I went to my dermatologist to see what was going on and of course, was told that I was sleeping on one side too long. I was shocked that something so simple could affect me in such a huge way. Ladies, it is about time that you realize this.

Once I came home from the dermatologist, I vowed to never sleep on my sides too long again. I started a regimen of sleeping on my back for half the night. Of course, this was hard to maintain at first, but after six months, I got used to it. I know, I know! You don’t like to sleep on your back. Well, do you prefer more wrinkles instead? You may have a difficult time at first retraining your body to adjust to the sleep pattern that you have developed over the years, but I have proven that it can be done.

Label Your Pillow

If you want to make it easier, consider purchasing the memory foam, PureContour Dual Pillow that helps to relax your back while you sleep. Even though, the pillow is breathable and plush, I do put a satin cover on this to make sleeping more luxurious. The pillow is made of energia foam, which makes you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. This pillow is selling for $119 at

Elevate Your Head

If I don’t get your beauty rest, I have found that this results in puffiness and darkness under the eyes. I sleep with a slight elevation of the head on my pillow and this tends to reduce the bags and dark circles under the eyes. Rather than forming under your eyes, the elevation causes the fluid to drain. This is easier for me to do when I sleep on my back. I soon noticed that when I slept on my back with my head slightly elevated, by morning, my eyes looked like I had gotten enough sleep. Puffiness of the eyes was reduced and I felt great! Of course, you should adjust the pillow to your comfort.

Get Enough Sleep

It is important that you get a sufficient amount of sleep, if you are going for a younger looking appearance. During sleep, our bodies go through a repair process of the skin. Sleep reduces the hormone which causes stress. When I don’t get enough sleep, I tend to have a stressful day. Over time, lack of sleep will cause us to show the results with skin that looks older. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that to happen to me?


One more thing, being menopausal for several years, I hated those hot flashes that would wake me up at nights. I could scream right now, remembering them. Mine soon disappeared over time, but like most women, I have had to take prescribed drugs to increase the quality of sleep. If you have to do that, by all means do. If you still need help sleeping through the night, drink some ZZZQuil. It is a non-addictive sleep aid that works like a charm. Good luck with your beauty sleep! Do you have any other suggestions that would help my audience? I would love to see your take on this one. Leave your comments below.