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I’ve been on radio morning shows across the country, doling out advice and craziness to listeners, and everybody always has a great time!


I’m also available for TV appearances, where I discuss beauty, empowering women in today’s changing world, and lots of other topics.

Organization Affiliations

Ewomens network
International World Organization for Aids
American Association of Women Broadcasters
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WPLJ, New York

“… Ms. Capehart wasted no time establishing her credibility and fitting right into the flow of the morning … we were overwhelmed with calls!”
Bruce Maiman, Producer

Power 106 FM, LA

“… she was an outstanding guest. I can’t remember the last time we kept a guest on that long! The show was entertaining to the LISTENERS. That’s most important to me. The Baka Boyz and I recommend her.
Rick Cummings

104.3 FM, Baltimore

“… what a show!!!! what a show!!! The phones are still ringing off the hook. I just wanted to … let you know how much we enjoyed your segment on this morning’s program. Six hours after you had already departed, people were still calling for you phone number.”

107.5 FM, Greensboro

“…. your appearance on the morning show was huge. Four hours on non-stop calls both Tuesday and Wednesday! … can’t wait to see you again!”

Mancow Muller

“… Sharon is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE GUEST! … she’s dynamic on the radio … I have never seen a guest generate so much excitement. She knows no generation gap: she appeals to every demo from grannies to … Generation X. I can’t tell you how highly I recommend Sharon Capehart.”

Star 94 FM, Atlanta

“Your ability to be entertaining and engaging was evident with us, and we enjoyed every minute of your stay. The way you handled the serious callers was commendable, and the fun you had with the not-so-serious callers was hilarious. There isn’t any doubt in our minds that other morning shows should have you on their programs.”


“… our listener response to your on-air appearance was phenomenal! Your energy and personality were a pleasure to have on LIVE! It totally made for ‘theater of the mind’ radio!”

KALC, Denver

“… In all my years as a morning show host, I can’t recall a guest who created more street talk and phone action … this woman is a blast to have on the air! Sharon’s style is so enormously FUN that everyone will enjoy the show and the banter about ALL topics.”
Frosty Stilwell

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