With all of the different skincare products, it’s totally hard to find out what you need to use, what are the bare essentials that you need to think about when you are looking for skincare products?  Well, girlfriends, I’ve broken it down to exactly what you need and what bare essentials you can get away with when you are looking to take care of your skin and keep it healthy!  We all want radiant skin and this will get you there girlfriends!

Toner is something that a ton of people don’t use, but do you know the benefits of it?  Toner actually wipes away all of that dirt and grit and grime that you get in your skin throughout the day.  You want to use a gentle toner though and even getting one that is going to be super mild and all-natural might work for your skin, especially if it is sensitive.  Toner is really important girlfriends and if you aren’t using it now, you need to start!


Of course, no list of must-use skincare products would be complete without using a moisturizer!  Moisturizing your skin will keep it flexible, will keep it looking plump and will ensure that your skin is totally healthy looking!  It’ll also make sure that your makeup does stay fresh all day.  Moisturizer is something that you should be using every single day and it should be done after you cleanse and after you use some toner.

Exfoliating Scrub

Did you know that using exfoliating scrub is something that you should be doing at least once a week?  Exfoliating scrub actually gets all of the dirt and grime out of your pores!  You only need to use it once or twice a week if you don’t have really oily skin and truthfully, it’ll help control that oil if you do have oily skin!  So girls, what brand of exfoliating scrub do you use?  Share it!

Non-Harsh Cleanser

Always make sure that your cleanser is not at all harsh and that it isn’t packed with a ton of chemicals that will hurt your skin instead of making it better.  A non-harsh cleanser could be anything all-natural and it is designed to ensure that your skin isn’t completely covered in chemicals every single time that you use it.  This type of cleanser can and should be used every single day!


Facial Masks

Finally, the last skincare product that you’ve got to have in your bathroom drawer – or even that you can make is all about the facial masks!  Trust me on this, using a facial mask at least once a week will ensure that your skin stays beautiful and that the products have a lot of time to soak up any dirt that may be left over.  You only need to use facial masks about once a week, keep that in mind!


So girlfriends, these are just a few of the products that you’ll need to take into consideration when you are considering your skin care!  What other products are out there that you use all of the time?  Give it up in the comments!