There are a wide range of anti-aging skin care products on the market these days – so much, it can make your head turn! I am now 65 years old and skin care is extremely important to me. Many of my clients ask how I keep my skin so young and fresh. This article will walk you through my morning regimen and I swear by it.

In the mornings, I cleanse my skin lightly because I do put on Revision Skincare products at night to moisturize and sooth my skin and I don’t want to wash those all off in the mornings. I reach for my Revision brightening face wash. You can get this product online. In fact, you can buy all the Revision Skincare products online. I apply the face wash to my entire face and neck. I don’t just wash it off either. I use a clean washcloth and gently wipe my face a couple of times.

The Revision exfoliating facial rinse is next. I use the smooth exfoliating facial rinse and not the medium one. This is basically a toner. I put it on a cotton pad and apply it to my face. I wait ten minutes before I put anything else on. Before I get any alcohol product on my hands, I then apply my eye cream by patting under and over the eyes. I use Teamine eye cream. It is the best eye cream Bar None in the world! I have tried every eye cream there possible is and this one takes the cake. I also use Genefique Yeux around the eyes before applying my eye cream. It tightens around and on top of the eyes. I use this every time I do my photo shoots and I also use it every other day.

I am very, very big on Vitamin C. I use the Revision Vitamin C and squirt a little on my finger tips and apply to different areas of my face and rub it in. You don’t need a lot of this on your face. Too much of this can cause your skin to break out. I give that about five minutes before I go on to the next step.

Because I am getting older, my skin has changed again. You think 50 is something! Wait until you get to your sixties, girlfriend! That skin dries up like a prune! So I use the Revision hydrating serum. Now this is a miracle. I only use two pumps – that’s it! It goes on so smooth. After applying, I wait about ten minutes.

Yes, there is more! I go and put on my Multi-protection SPF50. Sometimes I use SPF 75 or 100, but I am using SPF50 because the makeup I wear has SPF in it as well. It comes with an applicator, but I apply it using my hands. I use it as my daily moisturizer. Now, every other day before I go through my skincare regimen, I put on my Lancome Genifique and I also use it every other night when I am not using my Retinol.


Your skin, like mine is very important to take care of and you will find that out as you age. If you want younger looking skin, this is the regimen you can follow each day. If you cannot afford some of these products, start with a few, especially the Retinol, moisturizer and eye cream. Is there any skincare routine that you would like to tell us about? Please leave your comments below.