Wrinkles are something that all of us gorgeous women have to deal with, but there are ways to banish them without getting surgery or Botox!  These all-natural ways to banish wrinkles really work and are super easy to follow!  With just some adjusting of what products you are using, working in a facial every few weeks and using some all-natural facial masks, you’ll see not just a difference in how few wrinkles will end up on your face, but you’ll see how glowing your skin is!  So girlfriends, you ready to come take a trip down wrinkle lane with me?

Exfoliate Away Wrinkles

This is a step that most of us gals completely forget right?  Exfoliating your skin is a super important step and it’s one that you need to do at least two or three times a week!  Why do you ask?  Well, exfoliating your skin gets rid of all of the dirt, grit and grime from everyday that you have in your pores.  When you get a facial, they take care of this for you, but you can’t get a facial every week right?  So, exfoliating just a couple times a week will absolutely lessen the amount of wrinkles that will show through on your skin!

Choose Targeted Products

Part of growing up is changing up what products you use for your skin – that means it’s time to ditch the ‘general’ skincare products and go for something more targeted.  If you have wrinkles around your eyes or lips, choose skincare products that are targeted for those particular areas, not areas that are just general.  Also, use multiple creams, not just one moisturizer that is supposed to cover everything that you need.

More Omega-3

It’s a known fact that the more Omega-3 you have in your diet, the more youthful your skin is going to look!  That means upping the amount of fish that you eat.  Salmon is a great addition to any diet and gals, it tastes amazing right?  Having fish a few times a week will really make your skin healthier, plump and will kick those wrinkles right off of your beautiful face!

All-Natural Facial Masks

Finally, while facials are fantastic, not all of us can afford to have one every single week – in the meantime, why not give yourself a mini-facial with some homemade face masks!  Did you know that olive oil mixed in with lemon, once a week can really help get rid of your wrinkles?  It does!  So does tomatoes (cut into pieces) with a little squeeze of honey can knock those wrinkles right out!


So, there you have it!  Just a few of the ways that you can really get the wrinkles off of your face and leave your skin looking youthful, plump and ever-so-beautiful.  Do you have any tips that I didn’t cover?  How do you banish wrinkles from your face?