Fortunately for many gals, the unkempt and purposefully messy hairdo is on point – it has become quite a trend. So many of us are relishing in this new trend since the winter with its intolerant elements, gives women a bad hair day. This may seem like an imperfection to those who just don’t understand what it means to a woman to have a bad hair day. Below, we have assembled several perfect hairdos to wear in the winter. It could be bumps, shortie dos or flyaways, but rain, snow or shine, you can still wear them well.

Twisted Updo

If you are looking for that quick and on-the-go hairdo, then the twisted updo is the ideal choice. To begin, take a few sections of your hair from behind the ear. Twist it in the direction of the scalp as you slowly add some pieces of hair as you go. Secure each of the sections using a bobby pin. Now, tackle the other side until all sections meet in the center. Don’t worry about the flyaway hair strands. That is what makes this style cool.

Crimp & Ponytail

For 2015, you will see more of hair crimping. To get a definitive kinky look with some hairspray on each section that you crimp. Add texture by doing just a few strands of hair together. Now pull back the hair into a ponytail.

Use Hair Accessories

To dress up your tresses, use a little bling in hair accessories. Put your hair up in a bun or a knot, then add embellished bobby pins and you are ready to hit the town for a night out. You could also add pearls for that dinner date or even a nice barrette. A crystal headband is ideal for both the fall and winter.

Combine An Untidy Bun & Plait

Untidy is not the word for this style. It sways between being a mess and perfect at the same time. Put two braids together, ensuring that flyaways are left out to frame the face. Pull some hair from the braid to create an untidy bun.

Pin It Up

Pin your hair up with bobby pins, but don’t hide the pins – expose them to create an interesting effect. Keep adding pins until you have all the hair up in a do. It is fun and edgy.

Go Short

Are you ready for a short hairdo this winter? Make the cut today and don’t be afraid. A short hairdo can be versatile if it is shaped and designed well. You can get many looks from the one cut by playing with the volume and texture including the pixie layered style. Cut so that you have a little length in the front and a tapered back. Flip the ends in the front and wear the bang sideways on the forehead for a sleeker look. Add a playful hint of bold red hair color to your fringed bang to enhance its beauty.


The weather brings huge changes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot look dapper with big hair changes too for the winter. Do you have any additional suggestions to share? Leave your comments below.